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Thu, May-22-03, 06:48
Please can anyone on this forum help me, my best friend has been diagnosed (by an alternative medicine doctor) as having Candida about 1 year ago and her life is absolute agony, in fact it has made her call off her wedding twice! and everything was payed for so it has also caused her heart ache not to mention the thousands that they could not get back from the various wedding outfitters.
It is not a recognised condition in the UK you see. They just ignore her when she speaks of Candida and just send her for more tests that are totally unrelated. So far she has had loads of blood tests, scans, cameras inserted here there and everywhere, they have even accused her of having an eating disorder (because she has lost a dramatic amount of weight), and next week they are starting to test for cancer because of her diarrhea.
It is so frustrating for me to just see her get thinner and depressed, at the moment the only thing that helps is her diet which the doctor that diagnosed her gave her but she has lost 4 dress sizes and she was only a size 14 UK to begin with (12 US).
We are like the odd couple I'm short and fat and she's tall and skinny.
She is getting married (definatly) in 3 weeks and wants to start a family soon but feels she can't until see's some light at the end of the tunnel. She has tried three- lac I think it's called from US but nothing has changed and at 90 a go it's very costly.
So knowing how helpful and supportive you guys are I was wondering if you have any tips, words of wisdom or even if any of you have tried any remidies that have worked.
Thanks so much, Hev

Fri, May-23-03, 11:28
I used Grapefruit seed extract and candistroy. I got the GSE at my HFS and candistroy from iherb.com. I also take a probiotic (acidolpholus) every day and l-glutamine. They are not expensive. She must also follow an anti-candida diet. You can't kill it if you keep feeding it. Here is a place to start.candida diet (http://www.candidapage.com/candiet.txt) Hope this helps.


Sat, May-24-03, 14:19
Thank you for replying and your help is realy appreciated, I shall tell her about the GSE and the candistroy. She already takes acidolpholus, and is on the diet, and I have told her about L-glutamine.
How is your Candida and have you kicked it yet? Do the medications give you a quality of life , or are you on the diet for ever?
Thanks again for your help, it's nice for her to know there are other people out there because over here they think it's in her head!

Mon, May-26-03, 03:49
Her diet is going to place a very large part in this. From your description she may have a very bad case of it and will have to treat it aggressively. She may also have celiac disease which the low carb lifestyle will help too. If she eats *any* starches/sugars/fermented foods she is still feeding the candida. Her die-off symptoms will likely be very bad. It may take a while, but I know for sure it can be beaten. I've been candida free for several years now, but it was a really rough road to travel for at least 6 months. I think it probably took about 18 months of aggressive treatment before it was completely under control. In addition to suggestions above I can also recommend colostrum (I like Symbiotics' New Life products. They have a new one out called Gastroshield that may be just the thing she needs. It takes about 2 weeks to notice a difference using it. Caprylic acid also helps. But the biggest thing will be the diet change. Tell her to check in with us here on the forum for help, advice and support. We've all been there done that and we can help.

Tue, May-27-03, 10:30
Thanks so much for all your help and support ,I will gether to come on and have a chat.
I also notice that she is still eating starches such as rice, potato's,and pasta but I said maybe she should cut these out and she said that if she did that she would have nothing left to eat. At the moment nearly everything makes her sick or gives her a runny bum (pardon the exppresion).
Also she has been told to stay away from all preservatives, sweeteners, colours etc. Is this good advice or is she doing herself more harm by eating starches than staying away from things like splenda which could make her life that little bit more interesting. Do you have reactions to sweeteners?
She has been on the diet for god knows how long, I am definately going to get her on here, her name is Fiona so if any of you recognise what someone is talking about ( she might mention her wedding in 2 weeks) then give her the usual LC warm welcome.
Thanks again guys you're great to even give a damn. :thup:

Tue, May-27-03, 12:50
Here is a good site that has a diet with all the foods you should and should not eat. There is also a diet included with the product Candistroy. Candida Diet (http://www.candidapage.com/candiet.txt) The point was made that she may also be celiac. I am too. Many times one is celiac and it causes a cronic candida condition. Here is a site with much information about it. Celiac (http://www.celiac.com/) Hope this information helps. I've been treating the candida for 3 months and most of the symptoms are gone. I'm taking a break and working on the way I eat and will resume more supplements soon. I can take many months doing it holistically. There are prescription antifungals that will work fast, but if the condition that created the overgrowth is not corrected, it will return. Good luck to your friend.


Tue, May-27-03, 17:33
OK- i have crohn's disease, and since I started in Atkins I have been having IBS symptoms. After reading this link, I noticed that the symptoms seem similar to yeast issues. I took the test, and only scored 185....would the problems get worse and show up only after starting ATkins, and if so, why? y crohn's has been in remission for some time, and I have been relatively symptom free, until I started eating more salad, both on Atkins and the low fat high carb diet I was on prior to Atkins. I take Omega-3 basic, which has the balance of 3 & 6, and I tried the probiotics before but they caused major bloating and cramps. Do the syptoms get better? I don't have any of the fatique, etc, but have had more skin problems than usual, as well as hyperactive gut/cramping, the big "d", etc. Any ideas?

Tue, May-27-03, 20:56
Hi Hev,

Please send your friend the link to my web site about bowel diseases and Candida. This information should help her greatly.

Bowel Diseases and Candida - News You Can Use. (http://www.biblelife.org/bowel.htm)

She can take a question and answer Candida test on two different sites which are listed on the above site. There is a "Starting Diet" which applies for all bowel diseases. Candida has additional restrictions which are identified. This diet is very good for healthy people as well. It is low carbohydrate with special restrictions and additions.

Please let us know how she is doing.

Kent :wave:

Wed, May-28-03, 03:42
You guys are so nice,
I have emailed her and asked her to come round so she can see for herself what wonderful people you all are.
I have just been on to all your links and they were fantastic, really informative, and an eye opener. The diet she is on now (which she was put on by a so called professional in this area), is totally wrong she is still eating loads of things she shouldn't. That is what it is like in this country they are totally clueless. Don't get me wrong the NHS (national health service ) is great in any other field and I wouldn't have it any other way, but where Candida is concerned they refuse to recognise it.
Thanks again everyone, I am truley touched.

Sat, May-31-03, 09:56
Hev , I also live in the UK and I have been told I have a yeast problem, I found out this because I started having some skin Psoriasis (sp?) a few years ago, obviously I have had other symptoms e.g. tiredness, lack of energy etc etc, but didn't link the two, my search for a Psoriasis treatment was hopeless, all Drs insisted it was a stress related problem!!! till a few months ago I met a very old retired lady, and she told me she had a sudden attack of Psoriasis a couple of years ago, she managed to cure herself by avoiding wheat etc, then 2 months ago I went to do the yeast allergy test and found out I have that problem..... wow long story. anyway I would like to exchange information, progress with your friend.

At the moment I am taking Oregano complex, and acidophilus , , I got those from the GNC shop, and I am on Atkins diet/Candida diet I can't find anyone who knows enough about this, I just try to get the info from the net. Please keep in touch and let us know of any progress.

Sat, Jun-07-03, 15:11
Hi guys,
well I have my friend here now and she has read all your info but there is a lot to digest.
She is very greatful, and is going to try some of your suggestions.
She is going to come on and chat to you guys when she gets back off her honeymoon,(yes it is finally happening), in 2 weeks.
Thanks again for all your help.

Wed, Jun-18-03, 21:05
Kent - Thank you for the link to the site and the links to those tests. I kind of thought I might have Candida because of slow weight loss. After reading all the other symptoms and scoring so high on those tests it seems like a much stronger possibility.

Jeanne Sch
Tue, Jul-01-03, 11:23
You are a WONDERFUL FRIEND!!!!! :) May we all be so lucky!

Hey, what is your friends name or handle so we'll know who she is?

It is a long road to discovery and I was in the same boat she was in, here in the US only 7 years ago. FInally, finally, some docs are coming around to the phenomena of candida because of our poor diets.

Tell your friend that if she cannot find a doc who will prescribe Diflucan (150mg to about 200mg) that she may be able to find a doc on the internet (no kidding, just reading an article about it the other day). Diflucan is NOT a replacement for diet - both must be utilized for maximum benefit. Having been a severe case like herself, I do feel Diflucan is necessary to get your life back in shape within a year.

I simply told my doc a year ago that I knew what I had and here it was and he said: "Oh yes, I have 15 patients on diflucan because of an PH imbalance. You will need to take Diflucan the rest of your life." Well, at least he knew what the candida infection was, even if I don't believe the CAUSE of it is a PH balance (I believe that is one of the side effects of the imbalance due to diet and the fungal overgrowth) nor do I believe I need to be on Diflucan the rest of my days - I need to control my diet and actually eat like I intend to live.

Tell your friend that the diet is SO important. *Pure* psyllium husk (can be bought at www.herbplenty.net at reasonable price) will help with her diahrrea so she won't keep losing essential nutrients. A rounded Tablespoon of Psyllium per day with 8 ounces of liquid is what she should take (more than that can leach nutrients from your gut).
I wish I were there to give her a big hug and tell her I know what it is like - very lonely and scary and frustrating when all those doctors don't know what you have. I too lost lots of weight and had constant diahhrea (also occasional vomiting). I suffered like that for well over a year. I have given up trying to find the *cause* and have learned to just manage it. Yes, after awhile, she can eat some carbohydrates again but it takes time to beat down the fungal monsters :)
:cry: I feel for your friend - let her know she is NOT alone :cry:


Bethy B
Thu, Jul-03-03, 07:52
Just thought I'd drop a note to say that Diflucan can be bought over the counter at any chemist in the UK. I've done this many times:) Good luck to you and your friend. I hope she has a wonderful wedding day and the warmest of best wishes for the future:wiggle:

Jeanne Sch
Thu, Jul-03-03, 12:36
Hey Bethy:
That is great about the Diflucan we HAVE TO have a prescription and the docs are paranoid at that because Diflucan CAN do damage to the liver is not monitored. I go for liver blood panel every 6 months. Know how much ONE 200 mg. pill costs in the US? $24.00 at Kmart. I have prescription insurance but asked how much it was (I was very curious).
WOW! That's a lot of money!