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Tue, Apr-29-03, 20:29
This is my grandma's recipe-I substituted Splenda for sugar and it tastes even better then hers. I always put extra pepper on mine!

2 medium cucumbers washed and peeled
1 shot glass of vinegar
1 teaspoon of splenda
1/3 container medium container of sour cream
pinch of salt
pepper to taste

Take cucumbers and wash and peel, cut off ends. Slice cucumbers into disks. Try to make them all same width. Not too thin and not too thick. Place them in a large mixing bowl. Add Sour cream, vinegar, and Splenda. Add pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Mix all together well. Add mixture to a container with a lid and keep in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

Tue, Apr-29-03, 20:33
I love this too. My mother gave me a variation on this, no sweetner add finely chopped onion and a bit of lemon juice. HINT: if you salt the cukes 1st, let them sit a bit, you can drain off a lot of the natural juices so that your sour cream won't be too runny.

Mon, Jun-09-14, 20:22
This is perfect for summer! I had this today with one cucumber sliced, sour cream, and fresh dill. Yummy.

Mon, Jun-09-14, 20:47
I also make this and the recipe came from my Grandmother as well! I salt and drain my cucumbers first. I also omit the sugar and vinegar and just add sour cream, chopped green onion, salt, pepper and dill. Best if made the day before! Super simple and delicious! Thanks for sharing. :)

Thu, Jun-19-14, 23:20
I learned a version when I worked in a Greek restaurant. Mainly for garlic lovers!

First, crush several cloves of garlic with some sea salt or kosher salt. You can use a mortar and pestle if you have one, or I just use the bottom of empty glass spice jar to crush it up. The garlic and salt will form a thick paste.

Then mix in a cup or more of sour cream into the garlic/salt mixture.

Finally, finely dice some peeled cucumbers and add to the sour cream mixture. Blend well, tastes better if you chill in the fridge for a while or overnight.

A nice touch is some fresh mint leaves (either mixed in or as a garnish), adds a great flavor!

Fri, Jun-20-14, 06:19
I tried this the other day, sans sucralose. It was *so* good, Angel66668.
Thanks to everyone for all the additional ideas as well.

Thu, Mar-24-16, 15:18
amazing- I'm craving cucumbers lately so this will be on the shopping list next week

Thu, Mar-24-16, 17:01
Some thinly sliced red pepper adds color and some crunch

Sun, Jul-15-18, 23:30
I like to remove the seeds, too- they get flabby and add water to dilute the salad.

Mon, Jul-16-18, 01:31
Can anyone post a picture of what this is supposed to look like?

Tue, Sep-11-18, 10:52
I've changed my version of this recipe slightly. I now use softened cream cheese instead of sour cream and it's far less watery but still has some tang. Delicious!

Tue, Sep-11-18, 18:09
I make a similar salad, but don't use vinegar in mine and add fresh or dried mint for a Middle Eastern flair. It's yummy: https://buttoni.wordpress.com/2018/01/31/iranian-mint-cucumber-salad-2/