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  1. What do you consider to be slow?
  2. Welcome to the turtle club
  3. What exactly is slow?
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  5. Pear vs. Apple Shapes?
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  15. make a model out of yourself
  16. Yayyyyyyyyy!!
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  22. I'm doing something wrong!!!!!
  23. New turtle
  24. Queen of Turtles?
  25. Am I a Turtle?
  26. oh oh I think I am a turtle too, can you say sloooooow!!!
  27. Are you Really a Turtle?
  28. Help..Why won't this work for me??
  29. TOO slow
  30. Too much Protein? Food for thought!
  31. Help - too many suggestions
  32. Thank you Turtles!
  33. i am a sloth..
  35. Good things about being a turtle
  36. 4 pounds/8 days
  37. Afraid of vacation
  38. Thought I was a turtle... but...
  39. New Atkins Book
  40. finally - a new size !!
  41. What I learned last summer
  42. Stuck
  43. help
  44. I don't know how do you do it?
  45. Loss of fat deposits
  46. weary, but still plugging away
  47. I know I know...don't give up
  48. I think I'm a turtle
  49. Could someone help me please?
  50. Here Turtle, Turtle, Turtle
  51. sizes
  52. Please Help Me - 5 Month Stall
  53. I am getting discouraged
  54. Am I a Turtle?
  55. Day 15
  56. Perservere!
  57. The Secret to Low Carb Success
  58. I am a turtle and proud of it
  59. Turtle?
  60. Help
  61. One more try
  62. Horray, Finally!
  63. Am I a Turtle?
  64. not just a stall...weight is going up!
  65. call me turtle
  66. Finally!
  67. Just call me myrtle...
  68. New Turtle Has Arrived
  69. what do you use for snacks?
  70. Calling All Turtles
  71. Turtle?
  72. Turtlemania!
  73. A Turtle No Longer!!!
  74. How much protein do I need?
  75. Fellow Turtles: What's the BEST thing about LC'ing for you??
  76. Scared of Tweaking!
  77. Turtle.... Me??
  78. Been a Turtle for 30 years and didn't know it
  79. So, where do I go from here!?!!!!
  80. Not losing
  81. Am I a turtle???
  82. Sure FEEL like a turtle!!
  83. I'm a Turtle too!
  84. But I don't want to be in this club!!!
  85. ok - I gotta question!
  86. Slow and Steady means 50 Pounds Gone
  87. Needing Motivational Help
  88. anyone over 50 years in here?
  89. should I?
  90. At Last!!! Making Progress
  91. I Think I Should Start a SNAIL Room
  92. 55 and stalled
  93. Am i a turtle??
  94. Fat Fast
  95. Glad I'm a turtle
  96. New turtle - long
  97. Turtle, Turtle,TURTLE!
  98. this turtle finally got moving!
  99. Frustrated Turtle
  100. I'm about to quit
  101. Scale Humor
  102. Who doesn't exercise?
  103. not losing
  104. Looking for slow losers
  105. No changes
  106. Stopped losing 9 months ago - help!
  107. Sugar Alcohols?
  108. I'm new and afraid I'm going to be a TURTLE!
  109. Caffine
  110. I am beginning to speed up!
  111. I am SO frustrated! I've been LCing since January...
  112. Frustrated with LC & Eating Disorder has started up again...
  113. I'm guessing I'm joining the slower crowd!
  114. I feel like a turtle
  115. Snack Blowing the Whole Day's Work
  116. Is There Such a Thing As "THE GOLDEN SHOT?" and Did We Miss It?
  117. looks like i'm a turtle
  118. Should I see a Dr?
  119. I think I am a turtle
  120. Not stalling but crawling
  121. Anyone ever tried....
  122. Turtle-ing along
  123. Hormones slowing the process?
  124. Counting carbs & calories & increasing exercise
  125. Quintessential Turtle-ism (& a Question)
  126. Yet another try
  127. Please, check my "fitday"!
  128. any advice?
  129. the green monster
  130. Ketosis
  131. I am a turtle and was before...
  132. Turtle Soup
  133. Hope for turtles like me?
  134. Slow but steady loss is ok with me
  135. Think I am going to Join the Turtle Club
  136. I have found a home here...
  137. anti-depressants and weight loss?
  138. how are you turtles doing?
  139. Lose the alcohol and the sugar alcohols and LOSE!!!!!!!
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  141. Ladies, Help..........
  142. Turtles..try the meat/egg fast!
  143. Patience is a Virture
  144. What do Turtles do to keep up motivation?
  145. ugh
  146. I think I found the key why we are slow losers
  147. Question for the Turtles
  148. I am such a slow loser!!
  149. Still 176.4..........sloooooowwwwww..
  150. This is my stalling thread....
  151. 175.8....my new weight. Woo Hoo!!!!
  152. 175.2...Another new weight!! Woo Hoo!!
  153. 174.6.....On a Roll Now!!!
  154. 174.8....174.6.....
  155. 174.2.....
  156. 173!!! 20 Pound Club....I'm in......!!!!
  157. 177!! Cripes, I hate it when the scale does this!!
  158. After Thanksgiving.....I survived....
  159. broken scale or broken stall?
  160. Hormones?
  161. 171.4....A New LOW!!!!!
  162. 173.2..and how my new year is going
  163. Being A Turtle is A State of Mind
  164. 171.8....Now that is more like it!
  165. Sigh.....
  166. Fat Fast Vs Eggs And Meat
  167. I am definately a murtle turtle
  168. A turtle- but on the ride of a lifetime!
  169. New Turtle
  170. Second time around ....
  171. Any tall people out there?
  172. Could my missing gallblader make me a turtle
  173. Am I the only turtle left here?
  174. lost 8 in 2 weeks, nothing this week?
  175. From jackrabbit to turtle....
  176. Happy Turtle
  177. I gained it all back overnight :(
  178. I'm a sad, sad turtle
  179. Let's start a new turtle thread...
  180. What kind of scale do you have?
  181. Am I turtly enough for the turtle club?
  182. Feeling very Turtlish, (is that a word?) :)
  183. Finally~A club I can join...
  184. I feel REALLY down...
  185. Hi Fellow Turtles
  186. And here I am.....
  187. My name is Stephanie and......
  188. Don't WANT to be a turtle
  189. A New Turtle Club for August 08.
  190. Why I switched to low carb
  191. Mirena issues?
  192. ReNewed Turtle Club For 2010
  193. Realizing its going to be a tough go
  194. All I do is plateau!
  195. I can't lose weight because of a medical problem.
  196. Does it stop working?
  197. Are you a turtle on purpose?
  198. Burlington Vermont
  199. Celiac Sprue to Non-Celic to Low-Carb = Not good
  200. New Turtle Club For April 2010
  201. My Story - the short version
  202. I Posted and Ran
  203. Long time turtle, but new to LC
  204. no fast enought!!
  205. Plateaus
  206. Challenges or Competitions?
  207. Just for today
  208. Reality Check In
  209. happy turtle?
  210. Why do I have to be in ketosis to lose weight?
  211. Do I have to cut out whipped cream too????
  212. Some suggestions on handling very slow weight loss