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  16. I have to ask: Does a low carb, ketogenic diet *cure/fix* type 2 Diabetes?
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  19. diabetic
  20. Is this statement by this book's author correct?
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  40. Thankful for my diabeties.
  41. Tummy growling like a grizzly
  42. The Diabetes Summit, March 23-30, 2015
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  44. Only a 3 pound loss
  45. interesting from Malcolm Kendrick
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  47. Joslin Center - High carbohydrate diet for diabetics was mistake
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  49. Article says fasting/ low carb doesn't work
  50. Giving blood and diabetes
  51. blood test: fasting insulin & c-pepcide
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  56. A common over-the-counter cough suppressant can boost insulin
  57. My N=1 experiment with Taylor's Newcastle Diet
  58. Question about Metformin and Question about Protein
  59. TedTalk: Knowledge is Power
  60. Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Starts with Ignoring the Guidelines
  61. Can people with normal blood glucose be diabetic?
  62. A tale of 2 Vials
  63. Blood Pressure and Diabetes
  64. A1C Results
  65. How long has it been?
  66. What about limes and BG (lemons too)
  67. Why does my BG go up after exercise??
  68. BG shooting up
  69. Turmeric
  70. Dr. Bernstein, insulin, and T2 patients
  71. Friend with out-of-control T1
  72. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf liquid Spenda?
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  75. Beware of Gluten Free!
  76. High FBS normal A1c what's going on?
  77. ADA asks "What was your most recent blood glucose reading?"
  78. How does this work??
  79. A visit with Dr. Bernstein
  80. Why home meter readings can't tell blood sugar
  81. Side effects of Janumet
  82. Australian Dietitian saga updated by Adele Hite
  83. New Diabetes Program, volunteers wanted for feedback
  84. Does Prednisone effect BG?
  85. World-leading breakthrough in diabetes research
  86. diabetic wanting to get off Novolog
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  89. No breakfast bad for diabetics?
  90. Health Professionals?
  91. Potatoes, Pregnancy, Diabetes
  92. BG improvements, over time
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  95. This Surprised Me. Am I Behind the Curve?
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  97. how long can a test strip stay out of the package before it's no good?
  98. Has anyone read this blog?
  99. Low fasting blood glucose level (feeling fine)
  100. Why does it take so long to bring glucose numbers down?
  101. New Study: Improved Diabetes Control With a Low-Carb Diet
  102. long term low carbers?
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  104. How much protein is too much?
  105. Evening Premrose Oil and ALA
  106. Hello.... again
  107. Hello
  108. Eating LCHF without eggs or dairy.
  109. Dr. Jason Fung. The Obesity Code
  110. Invocana?
  111. Newcastle study on reversing diabetes
  112. The Diabetes Summit, April 18-25, 2016
  113. Kroger Premium Meter & test strips?
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  115. Optimizing Nutrition. Marty Kendall blog.
  116. toe pain & shoes
  117. Q for those of you who are reversing your T2
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  119. Need help and advice
  120. Wheat Grains Rice Carbs Processed Oat Meal
  121. Meter Control Solution
  122. Insulin Resistance
  123. Exercise is the key
  124. Bad taste in mouth/bad breath
  125. Apocalypse Now ~ End of Bad Dayz
  126. Eat when you are hungry?
  127. Can anyone tell me...
  128. Monk Fruit
  129. Diabetes question
  130. The results :(
  131. Testing blood sugars
  132. Low sugar, is it a problem?
  133. Eat to Beat Diabetes website
  134. Normal people's FBG
  135. Lest anyone think that diabetes is incurable....
  136. Diabetes education - VA style
  137. Can't comprehend type II Diabetes. Please help!
  138. There is only ONE Normal
  139. I sinned, now I'm more focused than ever
  140. Timing from beginning of meal or end?
  141. Anyone here take Alpha-Lipoic Acid?
  142. telecast
  143. My BG is backwards
  144. "Diabulimia"
  145. Impact on blood sugar
  146. Artificial Pancreas Approved by FDA!
  147. Meter trouble
  148. Fbg 106/post 145/a1c 2.8?
  149. Sugar Free My bum
  150. To test or not to test...
  151. Tasting food, bg & insulin
  152. LCHF and Diabetes: Science and Clinical Experience - Dr Eric Westman
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  154. The 6 Best (and Worst) Diets If You Have Diabetes
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  157. Progress!
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  165. A1C of 12.4%
  166. Berberine
  167. Beta cell implant in a human
  168. FDA warns of foot, leg amputations with J&J diabetes drug
  169. Blood glucose finally coming down(<protein)
  170. The role of vitamin A in diabetes
  171. Another neuropathy question
  172. New Member - Questions...
  173. Class Action Suit - American Diabetes Association
  174. Word must be spreading
  175. Beta cell implant under skin
  176. What soft foods would you eat?
  177. Odd BG Spike?
  178. Somogyi Effect with Type II Diabetes?
  179. Skinny Man in Fat Man Suit?
  180. Can you have abnormal Hb-A1c but not be diabetic?
  181. Cholesterol, Triglycerides, MCHC & Diabetes
  182. Which Dr. Bernstein Book?
  183. How long did it take for your BG to normalize?
  184. New treatment options for type 2 diabetes
  185. My first day of no Metformin
  186. Diabetes Unpacked: Just Science and Sense. No Sugar Coating
  187. Do you tell someone their blood sugar reading?
  188. Reversing insulin resistance
  189. Type II Diabetes, Low Carbing and Erectile Disfunction
  190. What are carbs? (!!!!!)
  191. Success Treating Dawn Phenomenon
  192. It was the meter all along
  193. looknomore
  194. Mature B lymphocytes accelerate the healing of diabetic ulcers, other skin injuries
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  197. Virta Health
  198. Morning Blood Sugar 131
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  201. Help, or advice please, long term low carber but....
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  203. Active young adults with Type 1 diabetes have muscle complications
  204. Low Carb Diet for Type 1. New study.
  205. diabetic on keto
  206. Diabetes.co.uk/Dr David Unwin
  207. ADA annual meeting
  208. Diabetics Beware: ADA guidelines will make your diabetes worse. Dr Ken Berry
  209. Keto and diabetes
  210. Early type 1 diabetes shortens women's lives
  211. American Diabetes Association & European Association Approve Low Carb Diets
  212. A1c TEST--how LC affects the test
  213. Does this sound like diabetes?
  214. It's Diabetes
  215. The deep roots of diabetes
  216. Testing blood glucose too often?
  217. Hormone sensitive lipase as a drug target
  218. Learning to live with this & testing
  219. Sitting down with Dr. Bernstein's Book
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  221. Janet (JEY100) will be proud of me
  222. A new low.
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  225. American Diabetes Association endorses low-carb diet as option