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  1. Atkins? I dont get it. I follow a genetic diet.
  2. Warning!!
  3. Make sure you do research first
  4. Vanity can be a Good Thing
  5. Quote: high protein diet is dangerous
  6. Scared to ask...has anyone tried LFat/LCal for a week, then back to Induction?
  7. Southwest Airlines policy
  8. How did you become SO obese?
  9. Lack of helpful responses in forum
  10. since doing atkins been feeling sleepy all day and tired/sad no energy
  11. ATKIN LIED IN HIS BOOK, Read here.. impossible
  12. Atkins Does lie and here's proof
  13. The War Zone. Please read before posting here.
  14. What If Both The Medical Establishment And Dr. Atkins Promoted Big Fat Lies?
  15. Refute an Article
  16. Snack lovers rejoice!
  17. Found How To Make Low Carb Work Faster
  18. Mixed blood test results
  19. Article on Low-Fat vs. High Protein diets
  20. AHA Science Advisory: Dietary Protein & Weight Reduction
  21. Notice They Don't Lose Much Weight
  22. My doctor & the Atkins' Diet
  23. Can anyone deny this is a calorie reduction diet?
  24. most of the people on the earth would have to starve
  25. A diet based on a deception to your own body?
  26. Where's the study that says low carb diets reduce muscle lost while reducing calories
  27. The proof of UK Dietry bias
  28. This is not working!!!
  29. Carbohydrates Info
  30. don't know where else to post this commendation
  31. To All
  32. Suspiciously Few Case Histories . . .
  33. low carbing and ww
  34. Ketosis is Dangerous!
  35. Religion, evolution, & low-carb?!?!?!
  36. Not low carb - RIGHT carb!
  37. This article made me MAD
  38. Low-Carb not for healthy folks!
  39. At risk of sounding insensitive...
  40. Misinformation
  41. New Studies
  42. aspartame
  43. Man as a Hunter
  44. low-carb diets do not promote optimal health
  45. colon cancer
  46. new WW advertisement
  47. Atkins not healthy for me!
  48. Grrrrrrr
  49. What to believe?
  50. Why are some LCer's so paranoid?
  51. Flawed Study from American Journal of Medicine 2002:Critique by Nutrition Grad Studen
  52. I found this info on Dr. Ellis Ultimate Diet Secrets, in case you are interested.
  53. Red Flag Alert on ATkins 2 Deaths
  54. ATKINS "pseudo-science".
  55. Check out this forum
  56. Neighbor on Atkins suffers mild heart attack
  57. should his wife lose weight for him?
  58. BBC Real Story Program....Truth or Rubbish you decide
  59. Low Carb Dieting will Destroy the Planet
  60. Anyone have experience with LA Wieghtloss? ? ?
  61. Dieters charge Atkins led to heart ills
  62. Dateline NBC, Sunday, Jan4/04
  63. Atkins, Shmatkins -- fad diets are all the same
  64. Orange Juice--Take this Orange and Squeeze It!
  65. Flame on!
  66. This weeks Woman's World
  67. 22% of the population needs high carb diets, 55% needs low carb diets!
  68. Metabolic Typing
  69. The truth and nothing but the truth, that's all i'm offering.
  70. NAAFA and obesity-enabling
  71. On the Offensive
  72. No heart attacks before 1912?
  73. An Animal rights person that feels bad.
  74. KFC vs. PETA - Buckets of Blood
  75. Worth a read
  76. logical answer to eating meat
  77. Problems with Atkins WOE?
  78. Whatever
  79. Mean and Lean with the Warrior Diet
  80. Long Term Atkins Studies?
  81. Hello! Newbie and have questions.
  82. trying to understand
  83. "Girl Love Handles: The backlash"
  84. Mercury Fillings - Dangerous or Inert
  85. Manufacturers Need To Tell the Truth
  86. Low carb almost killed me!
  87. Has your cholesterol actually gone down?
  88. The Hunter-Gatherer Diet?
  89. a serious question....
  90. another serious question....
  91. Guys. Darnit! you are going to make me really mad.
  92. Starts Out Great Then Really Sucks!!
  93. Please DONT read if you are sensitive about your weight!
  94. I call BS on the breakfast gospel
  95. Thoughts on Atkins, Take Two
  96. Are losses from water weight really such a bad thing?
  97. evaluating unusual "LC plans"
  98. Anyone fat without eating a lot?
  99. The Today Show - subject low carb eating
  100. why does my body crash EVERY time I try a low sugar diet?
  101. For all the LC Bashers
  102. Advantages of low-carb diets over the "John Stone approach"?
  103. AtkinsFacts.org should be AtkinsFiction.org
  104. 30g carbs VS 31g carbs. one loses and one doesn't?
  105. I'm gone for a while
  106. weird cartoon.. truth? bs?
  107. A Skewed Perception
  108. Getting real tired of all that crap
  109. Genetics does not cause obesity, 60 Minutes, Pima
  110. Gwyneth vs. Atkins
  111. Is Atkins killing me also?
  112. Low Carb Debate tomorrow at 8PM ET.
  113. My response
  114. Unhealthy paranoid extremes....
  115. This board is funny!
  116. Bbw?
  117. Low carb just plain works
  118. Stall's and Calories': THINK for once!! And eat Clean!!
  119. READ! this will answer all your atkins questions
  120. Would Low Carb Work for Everyone?
  121. check it out!!!
  122. Atkins+Low Carb equals Death
  123. Help My Ldl Has Gone Up So Much!!!!!!!!
  124. Do you wonder?
  125. Fat-kins diet?!
  126. Clinton's vegetarian diet plugged his heart arteries?
  127. If paleo diet is the way to go, what about out teeth ?
  128. Burning fat through exercise or ketosis...
  129. Could someone explain to me how the low carb diet works?
  130. Low Carb Musings
  131. Who needs all that water?
  132. Genetic Adaptation to Carbs
  133. Im glad that health canada has decided to ban low carb advertisement
  134. The Cult of Disgruntled Carnivores
  135. health or weight loss?
  136. Severe Calorie Restriction as a Lifestyle
  137. Atkins Corporation responds to AtkinsFacts.org
  138. Holy Grail of all diets?
  139. Low-carb lawsuit!
  140. If!
  141. The "No 'S' Diet"
  142. Vegetarian
  143. Split from: How many of us recognize ED as a confounding factor in our obesity?
  144. What is so bad about potatoes?
  145. Peta activist on trading spouses
  146. I'm sorry, but I am done with dieting, low carb or otherwise
  147. PLEASE, Stop It!
  148. Calories Do No count on Atkins...Face The Fact
  149. Excess fats damage the immune system...
  150. This Is An Outrage May Sue For False Information!
  151. Warning to the wise!!!
  152. Ramblings
  153. Some Simple Thoughts....
  154. PETA campaign to save fish...
  155. Vegetables are a MUST- NO discussion!!!!!!
  156. Why atkins is wrong?
  157. Questions
  158. a PETA style video game
  159. Do people treat You differently now you've lost weight?
  160. Idaho potato industry hoping for death of low-carb diets
  161. Carbohydrates, nutrition, and distance running
  162. Misinformation?
  163. ACSM rebuttal?
  164. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses. - A Rant
  165. I Need Help!!!
  166. Read The Book! A Rant!
  167. The "variety of foods" complaint
  168. Splenda?!?
  169. Split: Vegan virtues - Letter to the editor from the 2/3 edition, St. Louis Post
  170. What do you think of other (not low carb) diets?
  171. Kirstie Alley: Big Fat Liar?
  172. Shocked by You
  173. fat vs fat
  174. fat- vs -fit
  175. The High Fat, Low Carbohydrate Diet vs. Bicycling for Good Health
  176. Your reason
  177. What the hell is wrong with you?????
  178. Did you see the weight watchers study?
  179. my diet
  180. Atkins, what has it done to my wife?
  181. Serious question
  182. scaring people away
  183. What role does Attitude play in Weight Loss?
  184. How about the SD - the Simple Diet?
  185. For or Against a Diet Fast??
  186. Meat farming - immoral and unhealthy?
  187. MTV True Life: I'm on a Diet...
  188. Risks associated with Atkins Diet
  189. Peta~maybe not such a bad thing...
  190. Sick of the Stupidity
  191. I decided to switch to Atkins, Is it normal to hit lipolysis so soon!
  192. Dean Ornish..
  193. PeTA caught in the act
  194. Morgan Spurlock's "30 Days"
  195. Net Carbs?
  196. Atkins and brain damage????!!!
  197. Article from Range Magazine
  198. Atkins and brain damage (split from old thread .. May 2002)
  199. More of a QUESTION - but should we diet backwards?
  200. Low-Carb Sanctimoniousness
  201. Low Carb. Gross but...
  202. I still think eating too much fat is bad
  203. "BE A MAN. EAT BREAD" - 'carb couture' t-shirt
  204. Chicken -- No hormones
  205. Thin for Life book
  206. Low Carb VS Low Fat
  207. whatsup with very slow weight loss
  208. plateaus : Copout/excuse
  209. The Fat Man Walking
  210. trans fat madness...
  211. Do people acctually READ the posts?
  212. shhh keep it a secret it's cindy crawford's atkins diet!
  213. Schwarzbein Principle vs. other low carb
  214. How fat is too fat for an opinion? (a rant)
  215. Is 300lbs fat...
  216. Changing Names? (a rant)
  217. So, when you say "frankenfoods"...
  218. Why I do not low carb or low fat
  219. A thought...looking for opinions
  220. The Biggest Loser
  221. Eat carbs to lose weight
  222. Just something to think about.
  223. Having an open mind on "Carbs"
  224. What are they doing to our kids?: School Lunch Debate and more....
  225. Info about Dr. Atkins from Wikipedia
  226. Gotta ask: 2 rants (sorta not really)
  227. Thoughts?
  228. Why do people make surgery an option?
  229. Why are so many calling their Diets "My Own"
  230. The Vegetarian Fad is Over
  231. A heart surgeon looks at low-carb
  232. Personal testimony
  233. Blood lipids on full calorie ketosis
  234. ultra low carbing and depression/anxiety
  235. Where is the scientific evidence for drinking so much water?
  236. The Omnivore Strikes Back!
  237. Need some information on bypass surgery
  238. Do you know what bugs me????
  239. New download from BFFM about Atkins...
  240. Intuitive Eating and Causation
  241. WebMD Ornish vs. Atkins debate
  242. aspartame , Kevin Trudeau
  243. Are you really on a low carb diet?
  244. Why Do People....
  245. Bread for Life Diet... insanity!
  246. Fark.com debate on Atkins...
  247. Acid pH?
  248. Question about Insulin and Amylase
  249. So what do you think?
  250. GI slates low carb (surprise surprise) - advice please