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Old Tue, Nov-07-17, 15:05
kathleen24 kathleen24 is offline
Monday came.
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BF:ummm . . . ?
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Default Oh, look! Dr. Oz has invented IF!

Was in the checkout line in the grocery store last night, and saw the usual sets of promises on the magazine cover. I picked the ten-pounds-in-five-days one because why not? That sounds healthful, right?

And to my amazement (or not) there's the smiling face of Dr. Oz (coughmediawhorecough). He has found a way for people to lose weight and still eat ANYTHING THEY WANT! as long as they eat within an 8-hour window. And he has research to back him.

Okay, what is it with this guy, anyway? I don't get a `I just want to help' vibe off this man; I get more of a `I just need to have the cameras rolling and the money coming in' sense from him.

And if he's that eager to get people to notice him, why doesn't he just go ahead and invent low-carb? I mean, if he's making his fortune off of the backsides of people who are desperate to lose weight, why not do them some good in the process?
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Old Tue, Nov-07-17, 17:28
bluej bluej is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 138
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BF:BMI 56/29/22
Progress: 78%
Location: Australia

ugghhh! I agree! & that's all I have to say about that man
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Old Tue, Nov-07-17, 17:45
barb712's Avatar
barb712 barb712 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 569
Plan: Atkins 40
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Progress: 97%
Location: USA

I started out liking him, and then it fizzled.
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Old Tue, Nov-07-17, 18:34
robynsnest's Avatar
robynsnest robynsnest is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,146
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 336/286/199 Female 5'11"
BF:Losing it....
Progress: 36%
Location: Canada ay?

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Old Tue, Nov-07-17, 19:09
deirdra's Avatar
deirdra deirdra is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,857
Stats: 197/136/150 Female 66 inches
Progress: 130%
Location: Alberta

I watched his show to see Wheat Belly's Dr. Davis when he was on. As usual, Oz seemed to be going along with each of the demo meals and just as they were going to commercial after the last dinner plate Oz said just add a nice serving of healthywholegrains and you have a perfect meal - not to counter Davis, but just trying to be helpful balancing the meal with ADA dogma. He had obviously not listened to a word Davis had said. And promos for the next day were for a high-carb diet.
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Old Wed, Nov-08-17, 01:02
Ambulo's Avatar
Ambulo Ambulo is online now
Senior Member
Posts: 1,166
Plan: No GPS/OMAD (23:1)
Stats: 150/126/120 Female 64 inches
Progress: 80%
Location: the North, England

AND, IF you really eat anything you want you are going to need a feeding window shorter than 8 hours. Most people who lose on 16/8 apply some form of restriction - calorie limit, carb limit.
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Old Wed, Nov-08-17, 04:47
Just Jo's Avatar
Just Jo Just Jo is online now
A'72 Lifer Hard Core
Posts: 15,228
Plan: A'72 Induction Lifer + IF
Stats: 265/114/130 Female 5'4"
BF:Not so much now!
Progress: 112%
Location: South Central New Mexico


Thanks for that, Kathleen!
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Old Thu, Nov-09-17, 05:03
FatBGone17 FatBGone17 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 34
Plan: Atkins / South Beach
Stats: 265/246/185 Male 71 inhes
Progress: 24%

Dr. O seems to follow any trend that is popular at the moment. If carbing up with spaghetti and Wonder bread became trendy, he'd be all over it. Any research trending in the media and he is "at the forefront" of it. Even Oprah pulled him from the Harpo network.
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Old Sun, Nov-19-17, 09:51
PaCarolSue PaCarolSue is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 452
Plan: Wheat Belly
Stats: 217/192.5/175 Female 5ft 2 inches
Progress: 58%
Location: USA

LOL I was doing IF long before it had a name.....and I thought I invented it!!
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Old Mon, Nov-20-17, 16:07
bkloots's Avatar
bkloots bkloots is offline
Posts: 9,117
Plan: Atkins/LCHF
Stats: 195/162/150 Female 63in
Progress: 73%
Location: Kansas City, MO

I miss watching television. NOT!

Thanks, Kathleen, for the latest and greatest from Dr. Oz. Didn't know he was still around.
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