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Old Thu, Oct-12-17, 16:04
pitfall21 pitfall21 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 76
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 310/310/185 Male 69"
Progress: 0%
Default How many calories are you eating?

Hello again,
I was just wondering approximately how many calories everyone is eating while trying to lose weight. Some people swear they can lose weight eating as much as they want as long as the carbs are under 20-30 g/day. Somehow though I think its under 2000 calories. In the area of 10% of your ideal weight.

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Old Fri, Oct-13-17, 04:46
thud123's Avatar
thud123 thud123 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 4,338
Plan: ~25NC/IF
Stats: 342.2/003.4/000 Male 72 inches
Progress: 99%

Hi again Pitfall, hoping you are sound in health!

"eating as much as they want" has little do do with calories and a lot more to do with the "want" part of it. It is my opinion and experience that if you eat the "right" stuff you will "want" to eat less stuff.

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Old Fri, Oct-13-17, 06:37
Maeve's Avatar
Maeve Maeve is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,088
Plan: Lchf
Stats: 189.2/184.5/159 Female 5'5
Progress: 16%
Location: Georgia

I do think calories count. It's a very individual thing..
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Old Fri, Oct-13-17, 07:07
khrussva's Avatar
khrussva khrussva is online now
Posts: 6,304
Plan: My own - < 30 net carbs
Stats: 440/205/210 Male 5' 11"
BF:Energy Unleashed
Progress: 102%
Location: Central Virginia - USA

Remember that when you weigh more you burn more calories. I didn't track calories - just carbs - for much of my first year eating LCHF. Eating the right foods did result in a significant reduction in appetite. As Thud said, I wanted to eat less. When I did spot check how much I was eating by tracking meals for a day I found that I was eating 2800 to 3000 calories. At my weight that was still a significant calorie deficit. But as the weight came off, the weight loss slowed down. I had to work on some bad eating habits to keep the scale moving. I started tracking my food. By eliminating snacking, adding IFs to my routine, etc. the calorie averages did come down and landed at about what it should be for me at a normal, healthy weight. The scale kept moving, slowly but surely.

I find that I can easily overeat good LC food. Satiety takes a while to kick in for me. It did help me to have a carb and calorie goal. But I also worried about damage to my metabolism. I'd read about several studies that seemed to indicate that it was a fact that long-term weight loss will result in a slower metabolism - lower than what it would otherwise be at a given weight. I also read that severe calorie restriction - like those 'biggest loser' TV show folks eating 500 calories a day - might be the driving force behind that slower metabolism issue. So except on fast days I made a point to eat a normal amount of food - a volume that would sustain my life at a normal BMI. I also walked daily. I can't say if my plan of action was the reason behind it, but after 30 months of weight loss I didn't really see any issue with me having an abnormally slow metabolism. I could maintain my weight eating a typical volume of food for my size and activity level.
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Old Sun, Oct-15-17, 14:21
Streampaws's Avatar
Streampaws Streampaws is offline
New Member
Posts: 7
Plan: LCHF
Stats: 430/422/160 Female 69 inches

I eat less than 2000 calories a day right now not really planning on it. It is just I feel fuller longer on this lifestyle than on the previous high carb one I was on before. I tend to average around 1700 a day.
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Old Sun, Oct-15-17, 14:52
minniesoda's Avatar
minniesoda minniesoda is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 188
Plan: aitkinish
Stats: 172/127/120 Female 5'3
Progress: 87%
Location: Minnesota

I know I am eating under 1500 calories a day but do not keep track of them.

I only count Carbs and until the past few days have kept carbs at 20 or less.

Between now and January I plan on 15 or less.

Personally to me counting calories is a individual thing.some need to do it and some do not. I am in the group that does not.

Listen to your body....and what it tells you.

Are you losing weight when counting calories or counting carbs?

I personally could eat 2000 calories and still lose weight if I limit my carbs to 20 per day.
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Old Sun, Jan-28-18, 10:20
bluej bluej is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 52
Plan: LCHF/IF/Vegetarian
Stats: 333/220/125 Female 5'6"
Progress: 54%

I've been wondering this question too. How many calories is everyone eating?
I track my food for carb intake numbers on Fitday and it's generally 500 to 800 calories on a bigger eat day. Thankyou for all the posts as they have helped.
Thud I am smiling "yep" that sounds like a reply that makes me smile (and I always seem to remember you writing on the forum - "enjoy the ride") heehee off I go again
Thanks everyone
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