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Old Mon, Sep-18-17, 16:46
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SGG2017 SGG2017 is offline
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Plan: Atkins, IF
Stats: 266/253.4/150 Female 5'1" inches
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Location: Florida
Default Hurricane Supplies - On Plan

I'm in Florida and am looking for some on-plan hurricane supply ideas (there's another potential heading our way. ) Please share your thoughts - even if it seems like a no brainer, as I'm also sharing ideas with others. Not looking for 'typical' hurricane supplies (vienna sausages, chips, etc.). Needs to be non-refrigerated or can last w/o refrigeration for days (like hummus).

Everyone in my small community got junk or high carb foods, and I feel like crap when I eat that way, but I ran out of food and had to depend on others. Planning not to go off plan nor need to depend on others this time.

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Old Mon, Sep-18-17, 19:17
Blue Ruby Blue Ruby is offline
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Posts: 412
Plan: atkins
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Location: Vancouver (the one in BC)

First off -- good luck to you and your community! It's a good idea to stock up and be prepared for anything.

I'm sure you have all the basic ideas of nuts (especially macadamia and brazil) -- jerky and beef nuggets -- canned tuna and salmon and herring -- I like a jar of nut butter and a spoon if i am not strictly counting carbs -- pork rinds -- pork rinds dipped in almond butter! -- cheese if you can eat it first.

The real problem may be veggies. If you have celery it might last a few days after power goes out. Small jars of pickles, so you can open them and last a few days and run out and then open another? Olives will last a while. I love masala peas (spicy dried peas - about 6 carbs for 1/2 a cup.) not sure if you are trying to be super low carb or just avoid all grains and root veg -- If you would eat a few apples slices they last a while.

Good luck to you and yours. I hope you don;t have to deal with too mch of power outage, but hopefully that is all it is.
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Old Tue, Sep-19-17, 03:53
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JEY100 JEY100 is online now
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Location: NC

If you do Facebook, here is a long post on storm foods with many comments adding to the list.

Some to add to Blue's suggestion, coconut Oil to add to beverages/snack, pre-cooked bacon is OK until opened, cheese sticks and those little salami and cheese snack packs are OK for a while (someone suggested freezing them first to make last longer?), canned artichoke hearts, marinated mushrooms, and other canned veggies, LC soups in can or box, any of the canned or foil packet of fish, canned chicken or ham, all types of dry sausages, beef sticks like Chomps at TJ, and not ideal, but Quest bars or protein drinks.

Last edited by JEY100 : Tue, Sep-19-17 at 04:06.
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Old Tue, Sep-19-17, 09:53
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Merpig Merpig is offline
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Plan: IF/Fung IDM/Potato Hack?
Stats: 375/272.6/175 Female 66 inches
Progress: 51%
Location: NE Florida

So how did you make out in the hurricane(that is Irma)? I was without power for five days and lived mainly on tepid fizzy water, nuts, and canned smoked oysters. Oh, and fasting! For any other I'd probably do about the same.

Last edited by Merpig : Tue, Sep-19-17 at 10:56.
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Old Tue, Sep-19-17, 10:20
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Robin120 Robin120 is offline
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Stats: 171/125/145 Female 5'9
Progress: 177%
Location: DC

Good luck! This is unbelievable

To add to above ideas:
1. Avocados - all you need is salt and a spoon. Great way to keep up vitamins/ minerals without as many veggies as usual
2. Tomatoes- again great with just some salt
3. Mini bell peppers and mini cucumbers should do fine without refrigeration
4. Make flax seed crackers or muffins ahead of time. Both are great plain or with nut butter
5. There is a recipe using just pb, egg and splenda for cookies- Google south beach peanut butter cookies recipe
6. Make kale chips ahead of time
7. Make granola with nuts, seeds, coconut.....
8. Keep protein powder on hand
9. Macaroons!

Hope the storm weakens!

Last edited by Robin120 : Wed, Sep-20-17 at 10:14.
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Old Tue, Sep-19-17, 14:30
SGG2017's Avatar
SGG2017 SGG2017 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 34
Plan: Atkins, IF
Stats: 266/253.4/150 Female 5'1" inches
Progress: 11%
Location: Florida

Thank you, all, for the great ideas and well wishes! I'll be back at the store this week to stock up. I like having my 'normal' foods to eat when potential disaster is impending.

~merpig - I'm also in NE FL, thankfully, the area of the big city I live in, had minimal damage. We lost power for probably 3 hours. Man, 5 days for you! Let's hope this next one just passes on by!
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