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Old Thu, Mar-02-17, 09:07
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Default Couldn't be diet related? Could it?

Bob Harper, a trainer and host of NBC’s weight-loss reality television show “The Biggest Loser,” had a heart attack in February, he said in an Instagram post on Tuesday.
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Old Thu, Mar-02-17, 09:25
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Could be anything. Easy to speculate on the internet and find folks that will agree with any conclusion drawn. Best to wish the guy and his family well and wait for more data probably.

That's my internet post on the matter. Take it for what it is

PS, On of my good friends had a heart attack last week, was recording with him last night - he's OK and rehabing now. Genetics can play a role I think, so to diet, so can a little something called luck.
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Old Thu, Mar-02-17, 09:41
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Possibly, but I prefer to think it's the yoga. I'm constitutionally unsuited to yoga. Not really, I wouldn't want all the people out there doing yoga to come down with heart disease.

Anyways, I hope he's okay. It's hard to say, there's just the one data point, as far as diet goes.

Here he advocates a fairly moderate form of intermittent fasting, a ten-hour eating window, basically skipping breakfast.

Harper’s personal plan restricts all consumption to a 10-hour window. First, he fasts for 14 hours (yes, sleeping counts as fasting), and then he eats two substantial meals within the next ten hours. For those two meals of the day, Harper focuses on vegetables, healthy fats, and protein. It essentially boils down to him just skipping breakfast, he told “Today” host Savannah Guthrie.

And he's left room for vegan and carb-enthusiasts to accuse him of being paleo or low carb. Ah, we just don't know. If Dr. Davis or Dr. Fung fell over dead tomorrow, that wouldn't negate their clinical observations, a fairer test of Bob Harper's suggestions would be looking at how his clients do when they follow his advice long term.

I wonder which fats he thinks are healthy?
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Old Thu, Mar-02-17, 10:31
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I've often wondered if some of their contestants weren't going to fall over dead after being forced to do heavy exercise when just beginning to diet, while still 200-300 lbs overweight.

Have you heard that the first contestant (forgot her name) has gained back so much that she is obese again? They gave her her own show and I would watch as she instructed them to cook low-fat, high carb and think to myself, that won't last.....
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Old Thu, Mar-02-17, 11:51
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We also don't know what his personal exercise program is. If he has super high volume of intense cardio, and small compensating rest cycles.... well.

It's really hard for professional trainers to get a balanced mix of exercise. I had a bunch of friends like and what with giving "high energy" lessons and all their personal preferences, it was a lot of intense exercise.
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Old Thu, Mar-02-17, 11:54
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It just goes to show that ANYONE can have a sudden unexpected heart attack.

NOBODY is immune. Even someone who is fit.

Wish him the best in his recovery.
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Old Thu, Mar-02-17, 12:02
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The point is, the entire time the Powers That Be were distracted by getting us to eat plastic margarine and Snackwell's and ruin our knees jogging, they were getting no closer to figuring out how people can avoid heart attacks.

Did this man get enough sleep? What does he think are healthy fats? Was he on statins? Was he doing a lot of cardio?

It's not just diet.
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Old Thu, Mar-02-17, 17:03
eljohnw eljohnw is offline
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One never knows what one's heart looks like,. I had a friend who was a health nut and very active. You talked about a sport he had done it or he was doing it. He was lean and had a positive outlook on life. 2 year ago he keeled over ,had a heart attack and died. I think it could happen to anyone.
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Old Thu, Mar-02-17, 20:59
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Here's wishing Bob a speedy recovery. We, collectively, have so little information enabling the identification of a single root cause, that it's futile to try and ascribe a reason for his event.
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Old Fri, Mar-03-17, 03:21
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Harper, a health and diet celebrity, was selected by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals as “Sexiest Vegetarian” in 2010, along with actress Olivia Wilde. (He became a vegan in 2010 but resumed eating meat in 2013, he told Reuters.)

According to TMZ, he laid the blame for the attack squarely on genetics. A family history of heart disease is a known risk factor for children to have adverse cardiovascular events.

He blames his mother! She also had a heart attack though the articles did not say at what age.
He was a vegetarian and vegan for many years, only 2013 adding back lean meat. His recent Skinny Rules are different from previous books. Who knows...maybe it's all the ink. Certainly exercise did not protect him. Wishing him a full recovery.

Last edited by JEY100 : Fri, Mar-03-17 at 04:42.
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Old Fri, Mar-03-17, 11:09
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Actually, there is a lot in the work of WheatBelly's Dr. Davis, a cardiologist, to suggest inflammation is most of the problem. Grain, sugar, and Omega 3 fats are the leading causes of dietary contributors.
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Old Fri, Mar-03-17, 11:18
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Saying that something is genetic does not mean that it isn't diet related. The food we eat can turn genes on and off. Some people may have a greater genetic propensity to develop heart disease (or any other disease) but whether that propensity is realized will depend on the environmental influences that effect them which includes diet. That said anything any of us would say about the cause of Bob Harper's heart attack would only be speculation. That he is a cast member of that fat shaming show is another issue entirely. I hope he recovers his health and makes wise decisions for himself going forward.

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Old Fri, Mar-03-17, 17:14
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I never could watch TBL because I was afraid one of the contestants would have a heart attack with all that excess cardio.

In Canada, 23andme is allowed to release the medical-related results of the DNA test to the person who submitted the sample. Apparently I am genetically "not a sprinter". Apparently there are genes for fast-twitch muscles & most high-level sprinters have two copies; I have none. I could have told them I was not a sprinter; even when I was a kid of normal weight & activity levels, I was always slower than average on the 50-yard dash and it did not get better when the gym teacher kept making me do it again and again. However, I have always had lots of stamina for long, hard hikes and thought of myself as the turtle, not the hare, and my genes explain it.
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