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Yeeeehaaaa I did it -- I've Lost 120 lbs in 35 weeks for a total of 135 lbs!
Posted by Just Jo
Posted Mon, Mar-10-14
Female 5'4"
Plan: A'72 Induction Lifer + IF
Stats: 265/114/130
BF:Not so much now!
Progress: 112%
Location: South Central New Mexico
Default Yeeeehaaaa I did it -- I've Lost 120 lbs in 35 weeks for a total of 135 lbs!

This morning's weigh in was a blessing. I made my personal goal weight of 130 lbs. Now the hard scary part begins -- maintaining it! But I have a plan:

I will increase the carbs by no more than 5 grams daily for 2 weeks. Carefully monitor the results then add another 5 grams daily until I hit my “sweet spot” (aka CCL). Like I said this is the scariest part of this entire WOE.

In the past, I'd lose the weight and say YEAH now I can go back to eating like "normal carb-eating" people -- stupid stupid. Okay I figured out I CAN'T.

Update: Actually I started at this at the end of May 2013. I weighed 265 lbs and once again I played that yo yo game, eat clean 4-5 days and reward myself with crap for a job well done and lost 15 lbs btwn end May 2013 and 5 July 2013.

By 5 July I had had enough of the yo-yoing and being morbidly obese and I finally had a heart to heart with myself about being huge as a house. For some reason, "it" clicked. So from end of May 2013 to today (May 24) I have lost a total of 142 pounds . I would like to get down to 120 -- but I am not going to complain about weighing 123 lbs.

Wishing all of us continued success on our personal LC WOE journeys!

23 August 2015 Update:

I lost a total of 151 lbs by 16 November 2014 and weighed 114 lbs. Maintained that loss until I fractured my tibia 4 April 2015. I was wheel chair bound from 4 April until 6 July 2015 and gained 4 lbs! My orthopedic surgeon was thrilled. He said most people that are sedentary for that long usually gain 20-30 lbs since patients tend to eat more than usual! Of course I was thrilled too after he told me that! Because I stayed OP 100% everyday doing the little bit of exercising he allowed me to do!

I have lost 1 of those 4 pesky pounds! So I am down to 117 lbs. I'm not worried overmuch about it! My size one pants still fit the same as do my s/m shirts! So it doesn't really bother me one iota!

Tomorrow (24 August 2015) will be my 18 month anniversary of being in maintenance! To say I am proud of myself is an understatement! I have NEVER done maintenance before! SO I wasted almost 35 years of my life playing that yo-yo off again on again, rinse repeat recycle diet game with myself!

NEVER again! I am emotional drained! I don't think I have another fight in me to battle “Fat Jo” the self-destructive carb-addicted selfish Fat bitch who destroys my good mental/emotional/physical health, self-love and self-esteem. I know I don't have the emotional fortitude to do so. It is so much easier to stay in maintenance!

I am not by any means saying maintenance is easy, losing weight is hard work, staying in maintenance is also hard work...I just have to choose which HARD work I am willing to invest in and it sure isn't going to be the hard work of losing weight again!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

10 March 2016 Update: Two Years of Maintenance Done ~ Starting Year 3!

Wow today is officially my 2nd Anniversary in Maintenance! On this date 2 years ago, I made my goal weight of 130 lbs; as of today, I weigh 116 lbs.

I fluctuate anywhere around 115-117 lbs on any given day. But it is what it is and I ain’t complaining! Sure beats weighing 265 lbs or more any day, huh?

Nothing much has changed in my incredible LC WOL. I’m still IFing and eat around 600-800 kcals a day and 4 carbs. I eat very simply and eat only "real foods". I feel that the food I eat is simply to nourish my body, that being said, that doesn't mean I don't totally enjoy what I eat but here's one of my favorite quotes that explains it better than I can:

A Buddhist “Before Eating” prayer that includes these words:

"By seeing this food as medicine, I will consume it without attachment or hatred, not to increase my arrogance, strength or good looks, but solely to sustain my life."

Posted by Jean (cotonpal) in thud123’s Journal on 9 Jan 2016
That's pretty much how I feel about the foods I eat.

I’m still exercising every day. And I haven’t changed ANY of the routines that I established when I re-started my life and soul changing journey on 5 July 2013 ~ my Independence Day from “Fat Jo” and all those horribly addictive, insidiously toxic, poisonous killer carb-age foods.

These three parts on "Maintenance" from the Diet Revolution 1972 edition have completed changed my life and my way of thinking about being in maintenance:

Dr. Atkins on "MAINTENANCE ~ Staying at Your Best"
Diet Revolution 1972 pg 261

Success in maintaining your trim figure and your zest for living is guaranteed if you can achieve this radical change in your thinking.

If you have a chronic weight problem it is essential to totally accept, fully understand that your fat is one symptom of a lifetime disease. Your metabolizing processes are and always will be abnormal. Yes, even if you get slim and stay slim!

Many medical studies have shown that the biochemical responses of a formerly overweight person, such as the excessive insulin release when carbohydrates are eaten, are still quite different from a never-over weight person. In other words, you cannot eat what normal people eat and expect to stay thin.

So say to yourself over and over until you've got it through your rebellious head:

"My tendency to be overweight is one sign of a chronic metabolic disorder. My physiology doesn't handle certain kinds of foods as slim physiologies do. I mustn't try to compare my eating habits to those of a person who has never had a weight problem. Not now. Not ever."

"I have an illness, a lifelong illness. I can't cure it, but I can CONTROL it!"

Basic to controlling it is to understand that it is a permanent condition...about which you can do a great deal. Controlling it isn't all that difficult.
Dr. Atkins on "Amount of Carbs for Maintenance"
Diet Revolution 1972 pg 263
The best decision is probably to stay pretty much on the very low carbohydrate diet on which you lost; only now you can feel free to deviate in small ways.
Dr. Atkins on "Maintenance"
Diet Revolution 1972 pg 286
Q. Once I get the weight off and am a normal person again, why can't I maintain this normal weight by merely eating normally?

A. Because you only look normal; inside your body is the same metabolic abnormality that made you overweight in the first place. This, by the way, is one of the key points of the whole book.
Now I completely understand that I have a chronic carb processing metabolic disorder and the only way to manage that disorder to stay 100% OP every single day!

Here's my weight loss & maintenance record as of 5 March 2016:

Wishing everyone continued success on your LC WOE journeys to better HEALTH!

My life and soul changing journey continues to Infinity & Beyond because I am a Warrior member of TEAM 5%...
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by Mama Sebo on Mon, Mar-10-14, 06:11

Wow! Way to go! And yes, the journey begins here!
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