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Old Thu, Oct-08-09, 11:11
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Plan: Carb cycling
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Location: England, UK

Originally Posted by jcass
Have you lost weight just fine without any dieting? Without hunger? Anyone can lose weight by being hungry enough. Protein drinks when I used them made me very hungry and made me gain weight quickly.

But ok, since you are calling my bluff on this one I will find you some sources on the "bad for you" part. Until then I'll say it's related to the high temperature processing necessary to separate it and the lack of natural vitamins and fat. If it is hydrolzyed it has lots of glutamate (msg) too. But I'll get back to you on a few sources within a day or so.

You have to diet to lose weight. By diet I mean to consume less calories than you burn. As i said before the only reason you would gain fat is if you are taking in too many calories. Gaining weight can just mean water weight - are you sure you just didnt gain a few pounds of water weight? How much weight did you gain and over what period of time?

As for the "lack of vitamins and fat", well its a protein shake so as it suggests its mainly just protein. If you live off of them your diet will be deficient in vitamins and fat. It should be used only as a supplement to increase your protein intake, where you get fats and vitamins from other foods. Like anything if you buy the cheap ones then they probably will have junk in them, so buy a decent pure whey powder and you wont have any problems.
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Old Thu, Oct-08-09, 11:29
jcass jcass is offline
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Location: California

Originally Posted by carlh_uk
You have to diet to lose weight. By diet I mean to consume less calories than you burn.

do you also mean by that that you have to make a conscious effort to minimize those calories with the expectation of being hungry most of the time? this is of course what most dieters do. But losing excess weight does not have to be done this way. The prefered way of the LC person is to get insulin levels way down by learning to prefer fat and shun carbs. Then weight is lost easily without the need to be constantly hungry, while food is also enjoyed. This is possible because as many of us have observed, when carbs are replaced with fat for an extended time, one learns to actually not miss the carbs anymore. Temptation becomes only an occasional thing, not a constant gnawing.

Regarding my experience with weight, I have for most of my life been either at a good weight or underweight. Now, at the age of 45 my weight is creeping up more and more and I am alarmed enough to go on a low insulin diet to nip this thing in the bud. Back in the day my weight was so stable that I rarely moved more than a few pounds in a year. But that protein powder, which advertised itself as being of the highest quality whey (but in the end it's just a byproduct of the cheese industry, traditionally fed to cattle) gave me about 6-7 pounds in just a few weeks. I have never put on weight that fast. It was not water weight or else it would have come back off just as quickly, which it did not.

I know I still owe you those references.
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Old Mon, Oct-12-09, 18:23
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I'm interested in seeing any research on whey. For the past couple of months I've been drinking whey shakes once a day several times per week as a meal substitute, usually lunch (I do IF and usually only eat lunch and dinner). I add heavy cream and/or yogurt and an egg yolk or two so the protein is only about 50% or less of the calories. I haven't found they have an effect either way on my weight, they're just convenient and satisfying and allow me to spend my lunch break doing something other than eating.
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