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Old Tue, Mar-23-04, 16:10
bernie31 bernie31 is offline
New Member
Posts: 16
Plan: atkins
Stats: 238/187/140 Female 5'4"
Progress: 52%
Location: phx, az

the number one thing i love is that i can "feel" myself again... i can put my hands on my hip bones, i can feel my ribs when i lay down... my knees touch when i lie down on my side... i start to feel uncomfortable when sitting too long because i can feel the bones where my legs meet my behind... the insides of my ankles are always scratched because my walk hasn't had time to adjust, my inner thighs were so fat i guess i compensated by making my feet go inwards when i walked so as not to appear like i was waddling, so now the heels of my shoes always hit the inside of my ankles... i love feeling my collarbones, my wrist bones... of course, being able to cross my legs is always a plus...and i'm only halfway to my goal (another 50 to go). so yes it feels extremely different, and even if no one told me how much better i look (even though they have) i feel so much more attractive just by how i feel.
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Old Tue, Mar-23-04, 18:26
3shewolf8's Avatar
3shewolf8 3shewolf8 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,738
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 245/241/170 Female 5'4"
Progress: 5%
Location: Michigan

I have lost 80 pounds, and feel better than I have in my entire life!! Reading the responses to this question brought tears to my eyes because I love life now!! I was a size 22 plus, and now am a size 6 or 8, I love to shop in all of the stores and not in just specialty dept.'s. I love the attention that I get, I never felt beautiful until now. I get the biggest kick out of people not recognizing me!! My drivers license pic is 4 years old (I have to get it renewed this year), and I have been told by more than one clerk at stores, banks, etc..that I really should get a new pic on my license, and by the way,,how much weight have you lost?? But, I think the best thing is being able to fit into places that I could never fit into before, like booths in resturants, tight places, and tight clothes!! I did reach my next goal, and got my belly button pierced this weekend, and I went out and bought some low cut jeans, and some high cut shirts to wear I love every minute of every day!! Just believe in yourself, and you will reach your goal too. I still have some to loose, but I can see the end of the tunnel.
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Old Tue, Mar-23-04, 18:26
KristyC's Avatar
KristyC KristyC is offline
Fit and Happy
Posts: 3,219
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 273/145/160 Female 5 feet 4 inches
Progress: 113%
Location: North Carolina

It really does feel is hard to describe. I feel like a brand new person TOTALLY. The coolest thing is being able to run again (I run 2-4 miles per day) and not getting tired at the end of the day. My energy level is great now!!!
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Old Tue, Mar-23-04, 20:00
NYorker's Avatar
NYorker NYorker is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 371
Plan: atkins
Stats: 214/177/140 Female 5'6''
Progress: 50%

I have no business posting in this thread but I just had to say how MOVED I am by all of you and how inspirational this all is. Way to go all of you! You guys rock.
One day, I hope to be a member of the 50 plus club too.
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Old Tue, Mar-23-04, 20:19
ItsTheWooo's Avatar
ItsTheWooo ItsTheWooo is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 4,815
Plan: My Own
Stats: 280/118/117.5 Female 5ft 5.25 in
Progress: 100%

Originally Posted by Bipley
For those who have lost 50-75 pounds or more....

What does it feel like? Do you notice lots of differences? Do you feel better? The same? Does it feel different to walk? Sit? Move around in any way? What's the #1 change you have noticed that makes it all worth it OTHER than how you look? Even if you aren't done losing weight but have lost some of it, what does it feel like?

Well my begining weight is much higher than yours, so the difference that I feel might be a lot bigger.

It feels *soooo* much different to be relatively normal weight. When I was 280, I couldn't really cross my legs. Walking for any length of time was stressful. I felt extremely self conscious. I felt disgusting and ugly because my body was so unnaturally misshapen. People treated me like a non-person. I didn't care how I looked because I felt so crappy. It was so depressing to not be able to wear my sisters clothes, to go into a store and buy clothes, or to worry that I might break something I sit/stand on.

Today I have no mobility problems at all. I love to walk around, I even run now (just got done with 20 minute run and 40 minutes of cardio total. That sounds like nothing to brag about for most, but from where I am comming from - getting exhausted after a 5 minute walk - a 20 minute run in one session is a big deal to me). My feet don't hurt when I have to stand. I feel so much lighter.
When I have to stand on a chair or something, I get a reflex feeling like "oh no I might break it" because I was so fat for so long. Then I realize "oh yea, I'm not really fat anymore". It is the best feeling in the world, because it reminds you just how much being really fat lowered my quality of life.
Now when I go into a store I not only know they have my size, but it isn't the biggest size either.

I am not as afraid of being singled out and mocked publically for being fat as I used to be, although I still do have really low self confidence. When I pass by a group of teenagers I still cower in fear expecting one of them to say something about how fat I am, even though I am not that fat anymore.

There is nothing in the world better than being healthy and thin. No amount of greasy, chewy, salty, crunchy junk food is worth it.
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Old Wed, Mar-24-04, 07:32
SusanKH's Avatar
SusanKH SusanKH is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,182
Plan: Atkins, keto
Stats: 230/230/150 Female 67.5"
Progress: 0%
Location: Texas

What a great thread - so motivational. I noticed that a whole lot of you had to put in a lot of gym time to slim down. That is a hard thing for me. Once I get there I"m fine, but getting there is so hard. I'm a working mother, on committees in my neighborhood association, church activities, and because both of our brothers died young, my husband and I are now only children who are totally responsible for the care of our elderly, widowed mothers. Does anyone have any advice, inspiration, motivational thoughts for me?
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Old Wed, Mar-24-04, 08:12
angieK's Avatar
angieK angieK is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 696
Plan: atkins
Stats: 230/223/150 Female 65 inches
Progress: 9%
Location: Vancouver Island BC Canad

Instead of trying to get to a gym, start with a 20 minute walk a few times a week. I go right after work, i don't go home because once i am there there is someone wanting me to do things for them and my walk gets negleted. So I walk right after work where no one can bother me and whatever is waiting at home can wait.
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Old Wed, Mar-24-04, 12:44
lynneuk lynneuk is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 281
Plan: atkins
Stats: 265/208.5/165 Female 64 inches
Progress: 56%
Location: Upstate NY

I think if I had to go and drive to a gym I would never work out! I go down to the basement after my son and DH leave in the morning. I have a treadmill and a bowflex machine,also several tapes of the Firm to work out to. Another option I enjoy is Fit TV which is a health and fitness channel which runs all day so you can work out anytime. My favorite show is at 7.30am every day. It's called In shape with Sharon Mann. She is awesome. Not one of those hideous cheerleader types! No offence to any cheerleaders who may be reading this!! She does different things everyday from step to pilates to yoga or kickboxing. You name it she does it! So you don't get bored.
Just an idea. I don't feel like my day is complete unless I've worked out in the morning. And that is something I never thought I would ever say!!
A quick shower and I can be out the door in no time.
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Old Wed, Mar-24-04, 13:16
Justjen72's Avatar
Justjen72 Justjen72 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 744
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 203/138/140 Female 65inches
Progress: 103%
Location: New Mexico

I do my exercise in the evening. I went to walmart and bought a cheap $80 stationery bike. I ride it each night after I put the kids to bed. I have two kids ages 2 and 9 and a 3rd grade teacher. I hear you on the time issues, but I had to make the time to exercise. Me time is just as important as everything else.
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Old Wed, Mar-24-04, 14:32
freckles's Avatar
freckles freckles is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 8,730
Plan: Atkins Maintenance
Stats: 213/141/150 Female 5'4 1/2"
Progress: 114%
Location: Dallas, TX

I have lost 56 pbs in 10 months. I have about 20-30 to go. It feels fabulous, of course. I have more energy...I'm not nearly as lazy. I am lighter on my feet - and off. I can bring my toes up to my chest when I'm polishing them instead of struggling to bend down and just glopping it on. I can reach my WHOLE back in the shower without using a long-handled brush. I can shop in the normal sizes and find really nice clothes that make me look and feel attractive instead of like a woman wearing a tent. I have bones I have not felt in years...and muscles too. (I didn't start exercising until recently - at about a 50 lb. loss.) My face is thin - always thought I had a round face. I'm actually considering doing things I've NEVER considered doing - like roller-blading. All-in-all there are major differences....there's no comparison at all...I'm a totally new person.

The number one change that makes it all worth it besides how I look?...That I'm succeeding...I've proven to myself that I can do it and I'm confident that I can continue eating healthy for life. I'm a success...where as before I was just a lazy fat person - and that's exactly what I thought.
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Old Fri, Apr-09-04, 06:18
Quest's Avatar
Quest Quest is offline
Posts: 12,116
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 255/187/150 Female 5'0
Progress: 65%
Location: Chicago area

The changes I feel are not as dramatic as some people above, but there is a definite quality of life improvement for me after losing 66 pounds (I still want to lose another 50). At my highest weight I was uncomfortable fitting into seats at the theater and on planes, and I was even having to squeeze behind the wheel of the car (my weight was, and still in, concentrated in my stomach). I am now closer to the weight I maintained for many years (c.170)--overweight for my height but much more able to move within normal realms. I feel like I have reclaimed back the self I was used to, even though that self isn't thin. In fact, when I get below 150 I may have the experience some people write about of not recognizing myself. That will be interesting.
Also, I know I have a lot more stamina now. I just got back from a trip to Rome where I walked, walked, an walked some more. My husband was impressed with what I could do. And best of all, I lost a couple of pounds while on vacation, with the extra walking and eating gourmet LC at restaurants (I skipped pasta but had delicious prosciutto or seafood starters).
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Old Sun, Apr-18-04, 07:32
Masaki's Avatar
Masaki Masaki is offline
New Member
Posts: 23
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 316/228/200 Male 193cm
Progress: 76%
Location: Honolulu, HI

Ditto on what everyone else has been saying. I am from a different standpoint than most of you, being a young, male college student, but I came from the same place! I have always been fat, and made the same excuses to myself and others for a long time, but not any more

I can see my huge, built quadriceps and calves from lugging all that weight around for years. I can see my pectoral muscles, deltoids on my back and trapezius (shoulder muscles). I can see a handsome face that was hiding and being ignored by women all these years. I feel great! I can run, jump and swim like never before, I can buy all the cool clothes without feeling like I'm going to bust a seam, and the boost to my confidence is absolutely the best part. I can go into job interviews knowing that I look the part, sharp as heck in my Banana Republic suit.

I am not quite to my goal yet, but let me assure you that you will see and feel changes every step of the way!
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Old Sun, Apr-18-04, 21:17
loserbaby's Avatar
loserbaby loserbaby is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 158
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 319/240/175 Female 69 inches
Progress: 55%
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

I have lost 80+ pounds. I am more than half-way there. Mostly I just feel normal again. I can finally do the things I love. I am finally starting to look on the outside the way I feel on the inside. Also, losing this much gives you a great sense of control. I finally feel like I am in charge of how my life is going.

Last edited by loserbaby : Sun, Apr-18-04 at 21:18. Reason: typo
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Old Tue, Apr-20-04, 21:45
Libbyfcr Libbyfcr is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 468
Plan: The Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program
Stats: 190/140/135 Female 5'7"
Progress: 91%
Default 50 pounds later.........

I think the fact that I had lost 50 pounds hit me like a brick.

One day I was moving bags of dog food from my front yard into the storage room in my house. After moving about 2000 pounds worth..... in.... GUESS WHAT.... 50 pound bags I was exhausted. My back ached, my knees were tired and my arms were sore. While I was taking a breather it hit me...... 50 pounds. I had lost 50 pounds and hauling this stupid dog food back and forth was just like hauling 50 pounds around on my body.... only that was all the time. This was just for a short period of time. This was the moment when I realized how much of a difference it had made in my life.

Life is good......

Live it.

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Old Wed, May-05-04, 15:16
stephiewil's Avatar
stephiewil stephiewil is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 561
Plan: Atkin
Stats: 259/243/118 Female 5'4"
Progress: 11%
Location: Dallas area

Thanks so much for starting this thread. It is very motivating and really made me sit up and take notice. I have never lost more than about 10 to 14 pounds ever on any diet I have tried, and than always go up after I feel off, so now I am serious and started at my highest weight ever. I cannot wait until I can say I have lost 20 pounds, 50 will be a slice of heaven for me. I thought I was so huge at 180 pounds, but having sat at 241, I look at that weight so much differantly. Losing 50 from where I am now, will be back at approx the 180 and I can't wait.
I am so excited about the future reading these posts !!! I want this so bad !!! Stephie
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