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Old Thu, Jul-31-03, 20:58
yags3ue yags3ue is offline
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Stats: 145/145/120 Male 65 inches
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Default New Studies

I'v read alot of new studies that were performed on the atkins diet versus the low fat diet. It shows that after 6 months atkins dieters lost and average of 15 pounds versus the low fat dieters who lost and average of 7 pounds. After a year the atkins followers kept off 9.5 pounds and the lowfat followers kept off 5.5 pounds. After the year atkins dieters had an 18% increase of HDL(good) cholesterol while low fat dieters had a 3% increase. Also atkins dieters had a drop of 28% of triglycerides(blood fats) while low fat dieters had a 1% increase. But neither groups had a difference in LDL(bad) cholesterol.
Now I'm still hearing all this "stuff" about atkins diets saying that diabetics shoudn't be using this diet. I saw a post on site saying that one person was a diabetic that went on this diet, was later diagnosed not be diabetic. I'v also see the post on this site saying that the atkins diet is a fad diet. Can u tell me was a fad is. By definition it is, "a reducing diet that enjoys temporary popularity". These people that post this false information have now idea what they're talking about. If they knew what the diet was all about and the process of the diet, they would know that you are not supposed to go off this diet versus staying on it. This is how you keep your weight down and not soaring back up.
Another thing is that they are saying all this fat isn't good for your body. Again if they knew what the diet was they would know once in ketosis that alot of these "bad things" are flushed out of your system.
People also post that your don't get the recomended amounts of vitamins. Well here's something for you people....TAKE A VITAMIN!
I take vitamins when I'm on the diet and it does give the amount that I need.
I have other things to list on here but feel free to add on to here the so-called bad things about atkins. I just don't have the time.

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Old Thu, Jul-31-03, 23:37
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Arie Arie is offline
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There is a whole generation of professionals like doctors, nutritionists, and fitness experts, who had been trained and practiced the "fat is bad" message for many many years. These people put their reputation and carriers behind this assumption. And on top of it, the whole establishment is supporting the assumption that fat is bad for you. The food industry is making billions on low fat foods. The diet industry is making billions making "slim fast" and alike..

And here some a Weird doctor (Atkins) and tells us that fat is good, and carbs are bad, and fat doesn't make you fat, but carbs do.. ???
Do you think that a doctor who is practicing 30 and preaching to his patients not to eat fat, will now say "I'm sorry I was wrong" and I miss led you..??
Do you think that the food industry will now give up addictive and cheep to make high sugar food, and switch to more expensive high quality fat and protein?
Do you think the diet industry will support Atkins or any other lo carb diet and kill their cash cow?

No matter how many studies will be conducted, there will always be someone who stands to lose from this WOE and will spread FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) all over the media.. Welcome to free market...
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