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Old Mon, Jan-11-10, 17:59
hedah hedah is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 55
Plan: Groves/Paleo
Stats: 165/131/120 Female 5'1
Progress: 76%
Location: USA - NC

Thanks for your insight. I finished my last dose on Friday, tested this morning and I turned light pink! When I had strep I also didn't eat a thing for 2 days, so I think this combined with the antibiotics caused the problem. I'm happy to be in the color making business again
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Old Wed, Jan-27-10, 15:15
RainboZ RainboZ is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 156
Plan: VLC; no sugar;no gluten
Stats: 188.7/153.1/138 Female 5'7"
Progress: 70%

~OP - I have days where my sticks barely turn and other days when they are very dark. During the day they change hue as well. I pretty much eat the same thing every day, so my carbs don't vary much. I am thinking it has something to do with the amount of dietary fat being burned, but not an expert by any means. I have read that not everyone excretes them through their urine but through breath or sweat as well.

~Kristine - ITA. I have also noticed this. Little quips here and there picking at the plans or foods people choose. They are not helpful comments for sure. Thanks for pointing this out. I will try to do the same.
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Old Tue, Feb-02-10, 06:08
jenx's Avatar
jenx jenx is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 211
Plan: exercise / atkins / IF
Stats: 315/160/150 Female 5'5"
BF:Less and less!
Progress: 94%
Location: New Hampshire

I don't think certain people are being tacky or snarky about others' plans on purpose--just bluntly pointing out that low carb, PP, all of about whole foods, not shakes and artificial, chemical laden junk that doesn't sustain you. So when people post saying they're frustrated, some of these posters are rightly pointing out "'s why."
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Old Tue, Feb-02-10, 17:21
bestrange's Avatar
bestrange bestrange is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 230
Plan: hunter-gatherer
Stats: 000/000/145 Female 5'6"
BF:breast feeding! ;)
Progress: 0%
Location: london, england

right but the 6 week plan IS about shakes, :/
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Old Tue, Feb-02-10, 18:42
Wyvrn's Avatar
Wyvrn Wyvrn is offline
Dog is my copilot
Posts: 1,448
Plan: paleo/lowcarb
Stats: 210/162/145 Female 62in
Progress: 74%
Location: Olympia, WA

It's not meant to be a permanent diet though. Although lots of people do incorporate shakes into their diet on an ongoing basis with no problems.

Since I started doing HIT I've been having a shake for lunch on training day, mainly because I train during my lunch hour and don't have time afterward for a real lunch, but also because it makes it very easy to get a lot of protein down (60+ grams) in one meal. My normal lunch is probably about half that.
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Old Thu, Feb-04-10, 15:39
Ruralgurl's Avatar
Ruralgurl Ruralgurl is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 437
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 225/190.5/150 Female 5' 7"
Progress: 46%
Location: British Columbia

Just my 2 cents.
When I test in the morning nothing, which surprises me I would think things would be more concentrated...
but as the day goes on, and I have drunk more and more water I get readings sometimes quite dark by evening.
The whole keto stick thing is confusing because some say it can be registering the dietary fat that you are eating and is just being converted to ketones. I would like to check a non'lowcarber though after they have eaten a lot of fats and see if they register anything...?
I would also agree that the antibiotic could skew your readings.
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Old Sat, Feb-27-10, 05:32
number42 number42 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 136
Plan: ulc-paleo(meaty goodness)
Stats: 175/165/140 Male 70
Progress: 29%

You probably just don't "leak" any ketones. A few months might be enough to stop if you've kept in ketosis for long periods before.
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