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Old Mon, Feb-12-18, 11:38
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Originally Posted by jane x
Today is Day 1.

A few food related questions for y'all:

1. I notice that in the book, Dr. Atkins says that BBQ pork at an Asian restaurant is okay because the sugar in the sauce will have been cooked off. I have a Vietnamese marinade that I like to use on pork and it has a couple tbs of sugar. Do you think it will be okay to keep using it? Most of the sauce gets thrown out. I grill the meat and I think the sugar gets cooked off. All induction from day 1 is NO sugar in any form. You eat absolutely what he has listed, no 'cooked off sugar' from processed food is even close to being considered ok in that Just saying, Induction is drop ALL sugar and procesesd crap as he intended Induction level to be. Not fighting ya, just saying if you have read A72 induction it is simple, eat ONLY this on these pages and you are done and ok with its' content.

2. Ham. I just bought the Costco ham because DH needs a hearty breakfast. I think it might have minimal sugar in it, is it Phase 1 compliant?
Some ham/cold cuts are ok in that there is 'more protein/meat in that food helping then there is the sugar to cure it and ONE must read the label to be sure they are not buying jacked up extra 'honey' ham and all. Cold cuts can be eaten if the right ones are bought.

3. Salad dressings - what are your favorites? Brands or recipes welcome.
Dr A says for induction, dressings with vinegar,oil, salt, dry spices, herbs, some grated cheese or anchoivies....Or opt for eating a big olds sour pickle in place of your salad. THING IS salad dressings are a 'kinda can ya eat a bit of what ya like' and do fine on them? that is kinda a personal call actually I think.

As an aside - last week I was on my cycle and was drinking lots of coffee. But since Saturday, when my cycle ended, coffee has been upsetting my tummy. This morning I could only drink 1/2 mug (I was drinking 3 mugs last week) before I had to throw it out. Anyone else find this with going low-carb? Dr A says on page 136----Because most heavy people have some hypoglycemia, coffee, which contains, caffeine, should be limited to 6 cups per day. If you know you have low blood sugar, limit to 3 per day------amd that is what he wrote that I saw on it......but I have no experience with coffee and effects cause I do not drink it, I hate it, so can't comment on how people do their coffee or its' effect in their plans. others can comment on that one.

guys the A72 induction foods are listed and right there.....we know what to eat, ya just gotta do it.

If you are one who can have more and play the lower carb game then you are way more lucky then I will ever be and can find a ton of threads where others can eat like that and do fine.
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Old Tue, Feb-13-18, 04:33
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Imma gonna take a break from this thread for a while...

You can find me in my journal if you want to chat, compare notes, talk about eating LC or whatever...

I don't care if you are following A '72 Induction or not to lose weight or maintain the weight loss etc.

Everyone approaches this differently b/c of their needs/wants etc.

We all have valuable info we can share to help support and encourage each other. We can be that cheerleader everyone needs no matter which LC WOE approach they are doing...

Most often, this is the only place on the planet that totally understands and appreciates the day-in and day-out struggles we face living a totally LC WOE.

Wishing everyone continued success, peace and love.
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