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Old Yesterday, 15:51
Jaz66's Avatar
Jaz66 Jaz66 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 296
Plan: LCHF
Stats: 205/205/150 Female 5'5

Good Afternoon ladies!

Trig- After the "butt kicking"- I didn't see the update on the BOLT? By the way- I agree with EVERYTHING you said. I really don't know WHAT I was thinking on those nuts. Anyway they hit the trash- before I could finish off the other half!

Leeann- So fun to hear about your DS18- you won't know what to do with your self when DS15 hits that point! You might need to get a puppy! That is what most of us do! Your Bella could use a playmate. HA Hope the play goes well. Are you taping it? What a old fashioned word. TAPING My kids would be like..... What is taping something....... hahaha

Kmom- OMG- call that transfer into a loop make me CRAZY! If the big IF you get a real person- half the time they don't speak English! Glad you got through that nightmare.
Update on doctor to follow! Thanks for asking!

Blue- How was your day. I am still relishing a Blue moment. So did you get to work from home?

Cat- thinking of you-

Lori- I can't wait to feel so good again I can even walk , let alone boxing. Dang girl- keep us going with all that motivation!
Sooooooo I went to work- and left early for my doctor appt. Well I will just cut to the chase. It was exactly as my surgeon thought. My "self dissolving stiches that were suppose to disappear in 3-4 weeks are taking longer than normal.
I am the 4th person in his office for the SAME issue due to a "bad" lot number on the sutures. They have removed those from the OR.
So my body is now REJECTING the sutures- became swollen and painful and inflamed since Sunday. I'm so glad I went in.

He removed what he could- but there are still 3-4 more that would not come out. Yes I cried like a baby- hurt like He!!-
I am now on 10 days of Cipro- ya the big guns, he shot me in the hip with steroid, and gave me motrin 800 and wants to see me in a week.

the good news- hopefully the few stiches left will resolve in the next week, no surgery. But dam- inflamed, pain, and blow me up like a balloon. Me and steroids, inflammation and weight loss DO NOT MIX.

So I am not stepping on the scale for the next week or so- I don't know what my base line even is at this point. I have been dealing with this frekin issue for a good 2 years. So I just need to give myself some self love and just be ok- and eat clean, on my WOE and do what I can.

I am not tossing my motivation out the window. I am allowing my body to truly heal. And then adjust from there.

ok all enjoy your evening.
Had stir fry- chicken, few veggies, and that is it for today. I only had one meal as I was supposed to go to doctor fasting- just in case. I didn't leave office till 430. - then had to get scripts. OMG I hate steroids- I will be a bowling ball- it's a slow release good for a WEEK- OK TRIG- SHOOT ME AND PUT ME OUT
Should take off my rings while I can.

Ok rambled way to long-

thanks for the listen
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Old Yesterday, 17:09
Blue52 Blue52 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 191
Plan: My own
Stats: 238/187/175 Female 5'11"

Hi all,

Trigger---LOL, I'm pretty DARN sure YOU can get Bolt to eat. Still, this is A LOT of havoc going on for you right now. I am a wishin' and a hopin' for easier days ahead for you---and they WILL come, as everything in life cycles.

Really liked reading about how you have approached lower cals, giving yourself a great transition plan. But then, you're the gal that actually figured out the perfect time to get a dog for the kiddo! You have a "clockwork" kind of mind. Excellent. And it's working for you. Love it.

Nic---Thinking "break a leg" for your son about now, and wishing you the joy of parental pride. AND, wishing that your mom can get outside of herself, and feel some joy too.

Jaz---Ok girl, I'm a gonna challenge you to STICK to your plan of NOT weighing yourself as you go thru whatever is necessary to finish this thing off.

So happy for you to learn this may be able to be solved without further surgery---always the best option. So whatever---yeah, the steroids are going to blow you up, etc etc. But you NEED to have this OVER and until then, the scale is SO NOT YOUR FRIEND, and is not giving you useful information---just info that is going to bum you out for no reason that you can control right now. Get this behind you, really behind you, and that will take the time it does. THEN, the scale might have something useful to say.

Lori---When I was a work out freak, I loved the boxing work outs the most. Whoa, what a great way to discharge stress! I was always having such a good time in my mind hitting something or someone w/my moves I never felt any pain in the workout. Used to SO get into it, LOL.

K-mom---OMG, just reading your post about dealing w/phone trees, and trying to make sense out of what we must do made my blood pressure go up. Good on you for getting thru it and conquering it.

But most of all, I really love that you're here more often these days and sharing with us what K-mom's days are all about. Love that. And, I DO believe the more often one comes here and shares whatever, the better we all do on our woes.

Water: Thursday, 3/4. Need to do better, I know.


Really excellent day for me at work, edit in this case. We are finishing up a project that is so fun, and has turned out so great. I am reminded that the work politics that I hate are as cyclical as all life is. Happy to be in a better part of that cycle.

Had a ceaser salad w/chicken on site, which is about the most unjacked up salad you can order. Not hungry at all right now, but will eat something for dinner, just don't know what, and perfectly happy that it doesn't seem all that important to me.
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Old Today, 03:07
Lori_:)'s Avatar
Lori_:) Lori_:) is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 166
Plan: My Way
Stats: 223/174/160 Female 68 inches
Progress: 78%
Location: Pennsylvania

Good Morning!

Having an easy morning as I decided to skip boot camp. My hips are a little grouchy from the other workouts this week, plus my chiro adjustment. Also there is some freezing rain coming and I'm not fond of driving in that in the dark at 5:30 in the morning. ACK! I probably would have gotten home before it starts, but it seems like as good an excuse as any.

Trig...wondering how Bolt is doing? I have heard so many stories about people's dogs eating odd things and ending up with surgery to remove. One time my niece's Schnauzer puppy unraveled a throw rug and ate the yarn and had to have the "ball" surgically removed! Hope your pup is recovering nicely. are you doing today? I just cringed when I read of that stitch removal and the pain. Hope the meds have alleviated your discomfort. It just isn't right that you're having this complication. Keep your chin up girl, better days are coming.

Nic...hope things are going ok with your Mother. Smile, smile, smile.

Blue...glad you had a nice day at work. Remember days like that when you have a rough one. Any fun weekend plans?

Lazy day ahead. Tomorrow we are to be near 70. I will be out walking for miles! It would be warm enough for golf, but the course may be too wet. I'll see if I hear from any of my golfing buddies. I'm ready to get out there! Sunday we're back to the 40's. This weather is nuts!

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Old Today, 03:28
Whirrlly's Avatar
Whirrlly Whirrlly is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,029
Plan: A72 Induc./ZC
Stats: 234/182/170 Female 68
Progress: 81%
Location: Southeast

this household is a friggin' nightmare right now.

hubby sick as a dog with what I had. same everything and I know how bad I was so I know he is miserable. He left for work but was thinking of calling in sick, I said just go in and if ya die come home early I bet 99.9% sure he will be home in about 4 hrs. He is bad off right now.

I got dog to eat of course Brought him home. He laid down only 1 time on my bed cause he basically just passed out. He won't sleep at all. He just stands. He is hurting big time. This is just nuts ya know. I feel so friggin' sorry for him....ya know more than I do for hubby HA HA just cause he can't express his troubles LOL Called vet and I can increase pain meds a bit for him. This recovery is rough on all of us!!

bill was $2,312 but worth every penny for him, just gotta get past recovery now!

no sleep for me mostly dragging to the max

so when kiddo goes off to school I will bring doggie on bed and lie down and see if I can get him down and asleep. I might have to go to my regular vet and get sedation for him, the emerg. vet mentioned it if this restless goes too far.

Blue ya had me laughing. my 'clockwork' mind which should be excellent is truly nothing but a control freak situation in my life and honestly I am tired of hell of it I am one step from selling it all and hitting the road and saying I am done and changing my lifestyle come heck or highwater HA HA but heck can't do that with sick hubby and sick dog right now LOL

omg I am going bonkers here!

Last edited by Whirrlly : Today at 03:36.
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Old Today, 04:34
Jaz66's Avatar
Jaz66 Jaz66 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 296
Plan: LCHF
Stats: 205/205/150 Female 5'5

TRIG- I know you MUST be having a really rough time. Especially if you are thinking of eating your dog! You must re-read your post, I did laugh out loud at that- I am sure you met TREAT- your pet. (you get me on my zingers EVERY TIME)
I in all seriousness hope things get better for you ALL! Goodness what a month you have all had! Maybe when the hubby heals- and the pooch gets better, and the pollen goes away- you can get into your pool with a ice cold beer and put this behind ya!

Blue- So glad yesterday was a good day. I have gotten tired of chicken Caesar myself- but like you if I am in a situation where I need to order something, that will be my go to . Because it is a simple salad, minus the croutons.

Challenge me on the scale? I really wrote that???? HAHAHA - I know. I agree with you on this one. I could get really discouraged fast about this one- and it's outta my control. But I will give it a while.

Kmom- good for you to not have given in to eating over that call and court thing. Good thing you DID'NT have to go! Stupid stuff like that drive me crazy.
I got a letter from the state of SC- DVM- saying they were going to SUSPEND my license and fine me because I failed to prove insurance in the state! I had been living here in GA for 6 months!!!!-
But I have to make a copy of my GA drivers license fill out a stupid form, and make copies of my insurance- and take it all to the post office and mail it with a receipt. Got a POST CARD back saying all clear- middle finger to stupid stuff-

Ok- yesterday I get a pass with not eating or drinking due to doctors appt. Was not suppose to eat or drink. So I came in at 2/6. I will up it today.

Lori- I was wondering if you might be a little sore from bootcamp. You have been out of it for a minute. It is really amazing how fast one losing momentum. But I have no doubt you will get it back fast.

Agreed this weather is CRAZY. You are just a little north and east of me. Trig and I are only a state over- so we the SAME weather about the same time. If I get rain she gets it a few hours later. I forgot exactly where you are. On the coast right?

Leeann- tonight is the big night? check. EVERYONE at your house? check. Kids in HS play- priceless! So are you doing a food spread for everyone? Have fun tonight!

Cat- you are missed
Morning- it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Dance.

It has been a long week. Ready for it to be over. Truth be told I am ready to fast forward a month- When the sunshine stays out and the weather is warm and STAYS- and the pollen is over. The only thing you can smell is fresh cut lawns and BBQ grills! Can't wait.

I know we haven't had snow- but it seems this winter was long and people have been sick. Ready for Spring to really settle in.

Still hurting- but I am going to work. It's tolerable, knowing it will not last forever. Thing is I have to STOP taking my thryiod supplement due to the Cipro antibiotic- interaction. But priority is to get this surgery issue once and for all behind me for good.

Then I can reboot. I have a fresh batch of chicken broth ready to get out of my crock pot. It has been simmering for 2 days now. I strain the bones- they end up as mush. I actually put that in the blender add a little broth and give that to Bella- OMG she goes crazy. She gets all those minerals and good stuff.

Trig- ask your vet is Bolt can have homemade bone broth. Just a thought- ask about turmeric for Bolt too- I gave my Bella some about 1/4 tea on morning food with broth- took care of her pain, limp.

Ok- gotta run.
We got rain on the way for late Sat. and all day Sunday. It won't be a total wash out.

The kids are coming Sat. for lunch and shopping. I get to play Grammy- Got the baby some wooden blocks with the abc's on them. Remember those?

Have wonderful day-
Chicken and mayo for lunch- thinking eggs and leftover slaw for dinner. May change that up- I am usually tired on Friday evening. But it will be 100%
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Old Today, 06:41
niccofive's Avatar
niccofive niccofive is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 181
Plan: Low Carb My Way/ HDE-IE
Stats: 205/142/138 Female 5'4"
Progress: 94%
Location: Central East Coast

Kmom- hugs to you on having to deal with that bureaucratic stuff. I know it was stressful but you did it!

Ugh Jaz, that doctor appointment sounds awful!! I am so sorry for you. I'm glad most of the stitches came out though and hopefully there will be no need for an operation or anything like that. Try to stay off the scale!

Blue- Fingers crossed that you are indeed in the better part of the work cycle and delighted for you that things are going so well in all areas and all ways. Hopefully the extra daylight is helping too, and things are starting to warm up a bit over the next week or two.

Lori- I can imagine that boot camp is pretty butt-kicking right now so easing your way back in is probably a good thing. You will be back up to speed in no time!

Trig- So glad that you got Bolt to eat!! (and Jaz, she meant she got Bolt to eat food bc he wouldn't eat at the vet so they wouldn't release him!) But bless his heart on feeling so much pain and discomfort-- and your poor DH being felled by that ass-kicking illness that you had too! Your head must be spinning right off your shoulders. Hang in there, GF!

Today is the day! The musical kicks off tonight. So much on the boys' plates and they are totally overwhelmed and stressed- but it will all culminate in joy when the show goes on and the fruits of their labor pay off.

Hanging on by a thread so far here myself, but my DH has been a gem. He knows that this visit challenges me more than most other events in my life. Today I will be leaving the house for a while to write my CASA court report and then this weekend there will be other people around to help dilute things, more activity etc. That will help. CASA cross-agency meeting on Monday and then departure day is Tuesday! After that all focus goes to the London trip.

Tonight I'm just doing pasta and homemade sauce and homemade meatballs. Maybe some garlic bread. Tomorrow night we will eat dinner out but limiting that to one night will help keep costs down.
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Old Today, 09:29
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Lori_:) Lori_:) is offline
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Posts: 166
Plan: My Way
Stats: 223/174/160 Female 68 inches
Progress: 78%
Location: Pennsylvania

Jaz...I am in Pennsylvania, right in the middle of the state, so quite a bit north of you! I wish I lived further south and by the coast. The ocean is my happy place. I don't get there nearly enough.

I'm just ready to scare up some lunch. All I've had so far is my Keto coffee. I need to have a glass of water and then some hard boiled eggs, swiss cheese and a cup of beef broth...with a pat of butter added...YUM! Yes, I am LCHF/Keto. Down over 2 lbs since Monday. Chipping away at it.

Bye for now!
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