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Old Yesterday, 15:11
Kauaimom Kauaimom is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 33
Plan: 20 net carbs
Stats: 250/210/175 Female 5 feet 8 inches

Water Hounds!
Sorry I did not get this set-up in time to start today. We will star tomorrow. Please let me know what your bottom number will be and what it will represent. Mine will be a 5.
Looking forward to being accountable for my water intake.

Remember this is one week on and one week off as far as daily accountability. Oh for sure, we need to drink the water the off week too, but we will only give a general report at the end of that week.

K-Mom 10x3
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Old Yesterday, 15:30
Kauaimom Kauaimom is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 33
Plan: 20 net carbs
Stats: 250/210/175 Female 5 feet 8 inches

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Blue: Hope you had a grand vacation. I think you had some mighty fine weather!

Alene: I love the fact that you are dating guy that eats like you do! And the fact that you are losing too! Fun to hear the stories about this relationship blossoming and growing deeper.

Nic: Thanks for the directions for making the wings. I think I will try them. I also need to remember that I can order from Buffalo Wild Wings. I remember Blue used to do that.

Jaz: Sorry about the crockpot situation! What a pain. And I loved the story about the paramedic. Cracked me up.

Lori: So I see you posted that your BIL was there this morning, so I assume that meant he slept the night. Did he "prowl?" Man, I would have a hard time falling asleep every time he got up!

Trig: You wake me up every morning at 3:06! Seriously! I get an email from this site that is also from you and tells how many people has posted. How can I opt out of that. I tried, but it seems I am opting out of the site. Not very techy! So cool that you walk with your daughter!

Me: I am still CapD and it feels great. I am keeping the eating simple and that is working at this time. I may mix it up a little this coming week. I just had my Raspberry Smoothie with frozen raspberries from my garden, HWC, three crushed ice cubes, and some Hansen's Diet Tangerine Lime soda. It is SOOOOOO good!

I sub tomorrow, but as a teacher, so I won't be as physically tired. I really miss teaching and subbing is so perfect because NO PAPERWORK!

Hope everyone has a great week and hoping Jaz, your surgery goes good.

K-Mom 10x3
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Old Yesterday, 20:25
Jaz66's Avatar
Jaz66 Jaz66 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 183
Plan: LCHF
Stats: 205/205/150 Female 5'5

K-mom- there is a place in your lap top, phone or whatever device you use. It's under notifications- go there and hit silent. Because you have a alert every time. You gotta make it silent. Under controls/ and or settings. Good luck on the water.

Alene- So I was thinking about you today. And all the guys in the last 7 years I have dated. I don't remember their names. But I do remember their conversations and what they did for a living. SO..... I have dated a teacher, a cop, a paramedic, nurse, 2 engineers, 2 sales guys, a farmer, a banker, a doctor, a manager for a plant, a artist, a ballet dancer, a guy who over sees the nuclear grid (his job was so interesting), a food engineer (he developed tastes for Kraft), another cop, several corporate guys, a truck driver, a therapist (he was a year), and a guy in-between jobs. I always called them all sweetie because I am bad with names. Most were just a one and done. Most were nice, some were pricks, but all were worth an evening.
Take in mind I have been single for the last 7 years. Always on the look out for the next husband!
I have taken a small break from dating in the last2 months- after Cufflinks- I sorta needed a break. I need to focus on the task at hand- then get back in the game- serious.!

I am getting the nervous willys. I have had angst all dam day. I am off all my vitamins, red meat now, going clears, dam kill me now.
Tomorrow is blood draw and pre-op appt. I want to run. But since I have been off motrin now for the last 24 hours I am in pain. I guess I didn't get just how much I am hurting. Because I pop motrin daily to kill the fibroid pain. Without the motrin I feel it just sitting here. Ever present. I guess I had no idea how much it is effecting me. Pain is the norm- I just dealt with it.

I am very emotional- no motrin, no vitamin D, B. Gray and cloudy. Scared. Then I had the thought- OMG- what if they tilt the table and I FALL OFF........ I know....... get a frekin GRIP!
No wine, no food- just soup. And my over reactive head to play the worst. I am the WORST patient in the world.
Trig- you think you are bad- enter JAZ- !

So sorry to suck up this post with all about me. In a funk / Angst/ what to wake up and believe it will just magically disappear. Not real thinking. I know I should be grateful I have insurance, a great doctor, in great hands..... but still dam scary.
Ok JAZ- pulling it together. Digging for the big girl panties......

BREATHES.... AND BREATHES again. I have willed my Bella to my son in case I don't wake up. Stupid right. She is the most precious thing to me right now.

I got flowers from my work- before I left Friday. Dang I have a sweet job. Those ladies are the best. My boss, offered to come sit during my hospital time. I politely told her my mom would be there. So touching! Makes me cry!
Ok Enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

Soup today. - will be my menu for few days- I want my WHOOSH .......
Dang I hurt......
Over and out
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