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Old Wed, Sep-07-16, 12:59
LEIGH350 LEIGH350 is offline
New Member
Posts: 2
Plan: Atkins Induction
Stats: 350/347/299 Female 5 ft 4
Default 350lb and trying again

40 yrs of failed dieting behind me, including Atkins, ZC, c/c and I am trying again. Because giving up isn't an option. If I eat what I like I gain half a stone a month.

I know what to eat and find lc hf delicious BUT my only problem is, when I get the urge to binge on carbage I just seem to give in to myself without much of a fight. This sabotages my efforts and I sink into a slump of self-loathing.

I now weigh 150lb more than when I started dieting. Owing to being nearly 60, the weight has made me almost immobile. Walking or even standing is so uncomfortable, even painful, that I am put off doing anything but lay or sit. I have to do something. I have no choice.

I've read all the books about emotional eating etc, and yes, that is me, but how can I train myself to stop.

If anyone has any good tips or tricks I can play on myself, any strategies that work to stop a person from bingeing when she gets the urge, I'd like to hear them.


in the UK

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Old Wed, Sep-07-16, 19:20
Ccat69's Avatar
Ccat69 Ccat69 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 468
Plan: LCHF
Stats: 163/133.2/130 Female 5'4"
Progress: 90%
Location: Upstate NY

First, get all bad food out of the house. If it isn't there, you can't eat it. Next, replace it with the right stuff. Then, indulge in the rihht stuff at first. Don't deprive yourself of the right stuff. Once you start producing the ketones and stop automatically eating the carbs, it will get easier. Then, you can calm down with the right stuff, because hunger will go.

Do you have people around you as support?
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Old Thu, Sep-08-16, 02:44
Lulumae's Avatar
Lulumae Lulumae is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,014
Plan: Atkins, sort of
Stats: 184/160/140 Female 5'6
Progress: 55%

Hi there, If your binges are stress related - you say you've read books about emotional eating - you may need to identify some stress relievers that aren't food. Or if they are food, they need to be non-trigger foods. It's not easy I know, but listening to soothing music might help, or doing some kind of craft like knitting or painting. And going for a short walk if that's something you can do where you live.
I have found that low carb eating really dampens the urge to overeat but that just one carby treat unleashes the desire for more. I eat 95% black chocolate (2 squares sometimes, sometimes 1) after dinner when I really want something sweet (though it isn't that sweet, and that's what so great about it).
I really hope you can stick with it this time. It is so worth it. YOU are so worth it.
Good luck!
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Old Fri, Sep-09-16, 10:13
JohnDM JohnDM is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 159
Plan: Atkins/Fung
Stats: 426/364/226 Male 6" 2"
Progress: 31%

Hi Leigh,

Welcome. You are in the right place. Think about starting a journal... it is a great way to get support.

There are quite a few very successful and very astute people who have really made this WOE work. Poke around their journals.

Ask questions. Share your successes and victories. As a 400 pounder I am intimately familiar with binging and uncontrolled eating.

My own guess is that you are likely very insulin sensitive, and carbs elevate insulin... and insulin is the hunger hormone which helps drive cravings and binging. I have been through the cycle hundreds of times.

There isn't anything wrong with you... but the foods you are eating *might* be directly contributing to the binging experience.

I made a pledge to myself on July 24 that I would sharply restrict my carbs, to manage my insulin levels, and get into ketosis. And once I did, the urge to binge completely disappeared.

I do occasionally get hungry... but that is solved with a **little** OP food, like a handful of nuts. But that is rare.

Get into ketosis and stay there and your life will drastically change for the better.
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Old Fri, Sep-09-16, 17:10
MickiSue MickiSue is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 8,006
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 189/148.6/145 Female 5' 5"
Progress: 92%
Location: Twin Cities, MN

Welcome Leigh. Here's the thing: none of us is you. So, while we can identify with the urges, and the feeling ashamed after giving in to them, we don't know exactly what it's like for you.

Here's what I do know about carbs, though: they are an addiction. Whether it's emotional eating, or whatever, it's the avenue that carbs have found works to get you to eat them. For some people, it's "special occasions". Oh, I can't say no to this cake, Suzy will be so hurt, it's her birthday! Oh, if I don't eat some of these Christmas cookies, what will everyone thinK?

Sometimes it's boredom: I am so tired of eating LC. I know that there are literally thousands of recipes that I could be trying, but Oh, I am so tired of it all.

Sometimes (usually) it's some combination of all of them. But whether it's your emotions saying that you feel bad, so you deserve X carby poison, or your not wanting to stand out for not eating Y carby poison, or your lack of interest in the meal you had planned leading you to want Z carby poison, it's still poison, you know?

It still will lead to a slow or fast death from T2D, heart attack, stroke. It still destroys your digestive system, your joints, your brain. Poison is poison, you know?

So, all of the suggestions are good ones, especially the very basic one about getting the poison out of your house, and replacing it with whole, healthy low carb foods. That's LCHF 101, isn't it?

The next step is to find out what it takes for YOU to say no when the carby poisons start their whining to get you to eat them again.

For me, it's a two step process. Step one is to get the heck away from the food--and food only lives in my kitchen. (I used to have a stash of something sweet in my office. Never again!)

Step two, if the cravings are really bad, is to eat something that feels indulgent, but is very very low, or zero carb. For me, the perfect answer to cravings is bacon. I have some in the frig, always, and it's ready to nuke and eat at a moment's notice.

I'd love to know your thoughts about what people have said to you here.
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Old Mon, Jan-09-17, 22:08
atvalaska's Avatar
atvalaska atvalaska is offline
New Member
Posts: 22
Plan: atkins
Stats: 305/300/239 Male 71
BF:..... million%
Progress: 8%
Location: AK

If I can do it can you!...dammit! :-) I have no where to go but down....either in weight ...or 6' .....with dirt on me..
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Old Mon, Jan-09-17, 22:09
atvalaska's Avatar
atvalaska atvalaska is offline
New Member
Posts: 22
Plan: atkins
Stats: 305/300/239 Male 71
BF:..... million%
Progress: 8%
Location: AK

If I can do it can you!...dammit! :-) I have no where to go but down....either in weight ...or 6' .....with dirt on me..
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Old Tue, Jan-10-17, 07:39
Merpig's Avatar
Merpig Merpig is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 6,138
Plan: IF/Fung IDM/Potato Hack?
Stats: 375/272.6/175 Female 66 inches
Progress: 51%
Location: NE Florida

Leigh, already lots of good advice here and not much more I can add, but wanted to offer support! Yes I sure know the binge urge! Perhaps you can give us more details.

For example:
- what are some of your favorite LC foods?
- when you binge, what are the specific sorts of foods you tend to binge on?
- do you have good control over the foods in your environment, or must you share your home with others who want their carby foods?

Knowing this could make our suggestions more pertinent. Don't worry too much about lack of energy right now. As you lose some weight and eat better the energy will come. As one former LC friend once put it (we have since lost touch but at the time she had gone from 330 to 160 and maintained for several years): "I lost the first 100 pounds with no more exercise than walking back and forth to the fridge."

We're all in this together so come here often!

EDIT: Hmm. I only noticed that the last couple posts were from today, so didn't realize the original was from September. Sadly I guess Leigh is not sticking around with us. I'll leave my advice. Others may read this thread. Best of luck to Leigh.
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Old Tue, Jan-10-17, 11:57
Tracy0652's Avatar
Tracy0652 Tracy0652 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 136
Plan: atkins/LC
Stats: 275/198/145 Female 64
Progress: 59%

Hi. I thought I'd weigh in here (pun intended ). First, I agree with all of the advice listed so far. One thing that has really helped me stop the excuses for eating poorly is thinking about why I eat what I do. Years and years ago I was on a very bad cycle of binge/purge. I thought about it, and the episodes didn't cycle with my weight, they cycled with the stress in my life. I would binge (comfort - we all know the comfort) - then purge (that was control - getting rid of what I didn't want), and then I'd go ignore everyone and read (escape). Once I noticed it, I was able to consciously stop it. So, then I started to gain weight - part was being newly married (mmm - making dinners for new hubby, all kinds of good things), but then the weight kept creeping on. I couldn't stop it. Why? Years and years later, I realize the two times in my life I've really gained were because I was (I believe) subconsciously trying to make myself unappealing to others, and to 'get back' at someone who had devastated me emotionally, but had always encouraged me to lose weight. I was successful at losing over 80 lb the first time, and am in progress here the 2nd time. There is no denying that I am a carb addict and a stress-eater. But boy oh boy, the mind also messes with our actions. My advice would be to 1) follow the tips listed above; 2) think long and hard and often about why you've gotten where you are and haven't been able to stop it; 3) if you stress eat, stress eat ON PLAN!; and 4) NO EXCUSES! Not - I will start tomorrow, Monday, next week, the beginning of the month, etc - start right now. Don't make exceptions - not just 'one taste' of something, especially if it's a trigger food! And if you slip up, because we're only human after all, look at #4 - NO EXCUSES! Start right back up again immediately - don't fall into the mindset of "well, I blew it today, I will start fresh tomorrow". Just do it! Good luck!!!
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