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Old Tue, Apr-12-16, 09:21
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Default Labeling Question + True Carb Count


I've been using MyPlan here on the site for years and years and years, and even when the label has had fiber included/not included/whatever, European labels/US labels/whatever, I've always been able to eventually figure out the correct nutritional values for a custom food that I'd like to put in.

Don't know if I haven't had enough coffee today or whether that's just going to have to be my polite excuse... but this one is driving me NUTS, because according to the MyPlan calc, it is SO far off.

So can someone tell me whether this company is lying about calories, carbs, both, or neither?

My Plan is telling me that for the carbs as given, kcal would be almost 450 for 100g of their powdered shake mix.

But if I take out some sugar alcohol carbs in order to make formula work out to 285 kcal per 100g, which is how many kcal it should be per 100g, according to this company's own given product label ... then I'm double-UNDER counting carbs, no?

The nutritional info is for Big Train Low Carb Mocha Shake, and given as follows:

Serving Size: 14g

Kcal: 40
Kcal from fat: 20

Total Fat 2g
Total Carb 7g
Dietary Fiber 1g
Sugar 1g
Sugar Alcohol 4g

Protein 3g

I was multiplying everything by 7.14 to get my inputs for 100g (as they give nutritional info only for a 14g serving),... but then the other macros are out of whack and the carb/fat/protein/alcohol equation doesn't work - because then the product comes out to a 485 kcal product per 100g, and not 285 kcal per 100g as given by them.

Also, I think I have gone in super circles in my brain far too much on this label and with my calculator already... because also, why is it telling me that at 2g of fat, fat calories represent 50% of total calories??

I am going to be really mortified to the max if someone comes and points out something really painfully obvious to me now. I've never had a question about any nutritional label before!

I feel kind of like the needle on the record stuck in the same groove with this label and I just can't get out. Someone has to come give me a little nudge so I can get past it please.

What should be the correct inputs be for 100g of this product, and for the formula to be correct?

Last edited by honeypie : Tue, Apr-12-16 at 14:06.
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Old Tue, Apr-12-16, 13:17
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According to my math, 14 grams is 0.983 of a tablespoon.

So you are using a bit over 7 tablespoons as a serving, which is almost half a cup?
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Old Tue, Apr-12-16, 13:33
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honeypie honeypie is offline
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Posts: 6,490
Plan: Cycling VLC with LC
Stats: -/-/134 Female 5'10
Progress: 56%

Hi Werebear!

Well, a tablespoon is volumetric, and grams are an exact weight. So - for example, a tablespoon of feathers would have a completely different weight, to a tablespoon of lead.

So the tablespoons don't matter as much, when the exact weight per serving is given.

But just to answer the question, 1 serving is 1.5 T according to them. But I need to use the scoop included in the canister, which is actually 3T by volume.

Either way, I'm not sure what benefit there would be in converting their given nutritional info to tablespoons, as they give their numbers per exact weight, and it should be pretty standard to be able to calculate nutritional info for 100g.

My problem is that neither for 14g as given by them on their own label, nor for 100g as I'd like to calculate for ease of reference, can I understand what they're doing with their calorie count, the carb count, the net carb count, and the fat percentage.

Any ideas where I'm not seeing what should (presumably) all be making sense to me? No formula works with their numbers, whether I try the formula with with total carbs, or with the net they claim, or with any other net calculated by me, where I subtract fiber but still count the sugar alcohols, or any combination of any of the previous in any way whatsoever .

Last edited by honeypie : Tue, Apr-12-16 at 14:08.
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