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Oh Blue, you dear heart. I am so sorry that you are sick again and I know you feel as though it has been forever. I am guessing that stress has your immune system low. Moving stress, money stress, general stress. I would so take you to a spa if I lived near you and treat you to a day out. Please let us know how the Dr appointment goes. Sending you tons of love.

Jaz- I like Amy Schumer although as she got more popular I felt like sometimes she tried too hard to be who she naturally was. KWIM? I am not a fan of Kathy Griffin though. I think she goes to far and is mean spirited and I'm not just talking about politics but in general and over the years.

Back to the museum story-- at that point I was in middle school. Probably sixth grade? There comes a point where you can't and shouldn't have to keep an eye on your kid every second. Plus we all know when a kid is a squirrelly little wanderer, they can disappear in a second. I have a whole laundry list of stories like that- I should write a book about experiences in an ADD brain as a kid. It always seemed like a good idea at the time...!

And Jaz, hugs to you too. You carry a lot of stress from time to time and this is one of those times for you. Big hugs.

Lori- YUMMY Texas Roadhouse!! Lucky girl!! Enjoy every bite. When I go there, I say screw it and eat a roll. Cannot resist!

I think your life is pretty perfect. You are active, you challenge yourself to do new things (10K, a job etc) and you balance down time with busy-ness really well. I am taking notes!

Enjoy your golf this morning. It is pretty warm here!

KMom- Thinking of you.

Trig- Hope you are in your version of heaven.

I tell you, when my last born goes off to college I am going on a cruise. I feel like worrying is my part time job! On the good/cute side, he has discovered Queer Eye and has been binge watching it. This evolved into trying on numerous outfits and clearing out his closet and drawers, which then evolved into redoing his room, which I have not yet seen because it is a work in progress. On the flip side, he was upset yesterday because a rapper he likes was shot and killed yesterday in FL, at the age of 20. Which of course is sad- a 20 year old is just a baby. OTOH this 'baby' was also about to be addressed by the penal system over alleged domestic abuse against his pregnant girlfriend and from what I understand he had some pretty foul lyrics. I am not a fan of rap (although DS has shown me how to appreciate certain creative aspects of it) and even less so of rap culture. I worry about him being overly influenced by its messages. I talk to him about it now and again, but don't want to be a broken record and cause him to tune me out. Sigh. It would be so much easier if we could just program them to like/dislike certain things but then again, then they wouldn't be themselves, would they? Ah, the dilemmas of parenting. I cant tell you how many times I have wished for a crystal ball just so that I could see that they turn out to be okay adults! And I guess listening to Madonna didn't turn me into a skank!

It is HOT HOT HOT here. I'm not a fan of very hot, nor super cold, and right now it is very hot. Ick! I took a two mile walk to the post office and grocery store yesterday and the air was so thick. I was sweating like crazy!

Dinner was an exercise in frustration last night. I had my chicken out on the grill, and went to check it halfway through only to find that the propane was out and we have no more. Argh! Came in and got out my Cuisinart Griddler and starter preheating that. After a bit, it was hot and I cooked the chicken in stages with that. I was not turning on my oven with it being 95 outside! I also did corn on the cob in the instant pot. It turned out to be a tasty dinner. BUT I came down this morning to find I left the remaining chicken out to cool before putting it in the fridge and FORGOT IT. RATS! So I had to toss that out.

Today DS16 has his follow up appointment to get his extractions checked and then we will start baby stepping toward getting him prepared for camp. He will be gone three solid weeks. I've never been apart from him that long. My heart! But these are necessary growing steps for us all. In two short years he will be college bound or gap year bound or whatever it is that he chooses.

Catch you all later!
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