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Old Today, 08:24
niccofive's Avatar
niccofive niccofive is online now
Senior Member
Posts: 142
Plan: Low Carb My Way/ HDE-IE
Stats: 205/142/138 Female 5'4"
Progress: 94%
Location: Central East Coast

Hi all!

Cathy, I can totally see that having a lake house could be like that, especially in the summer. I think Blue's brother has it right with the lake house and establishing rules. I totally don't know if I would do that though without having a stern talk with myself about having the right to set up those expectations, because it is totally fair to do so.
Glad you are doing so well and feeling so happy on '72! Keep it up!

Jaz- YUM on the crab! Enjoy!

Blue- Love hearing your describe and guide Cat on the clothes. I so don't think about clothes in that way, just like home furnishings, so it is fun to get in someone else's head who does. I have "blank space" up there in those things. Although I am still really happy with the FR area rug we got. We actually did something right! Smiled over your naming of a "Morticia" day and totally get the reference also. Perfect descriptor.

Motoring right along. Today is Day Two of no scale and it is so odd. It really is. I wasn't bothered by the numbers in and of themselves, in fact over the past week they had been dropping nicely, but it was more seeking an overall balance (are you guys sick of this yet? lol)

I want to keep my weight in check and in focus, but also begin to streamline it more into my overall view of health and wellness and living. I don't want to be obsessive, I don't want to be of such narrow focus that I lose track of my life. I think using my clothes and how I feel as a guide will be a good step in that direction.

That being said, it is strange indeed. I don't look at myself in the mirror a whole lot, and never have, thin or not. So today I was sort of standing there going, how do I look? Heavier, thinner? And I had no idea.

Looking at what I say, I swear I seem like I have my head in the clouds so much! I am clearly completely oblivious to detail in almost all areas.

So today is MoW and I went online and downloaded a wide variety of podcasts to try out. I am kind of excited about that. The past two MoWs I have had friends ride-along, which has been fun. That was supposed to happen today too but my friend now has a bunch of sickies at her house like I did last week.

I am feeling much better, not coughing last night for the first time in several and slept well. Yay!

Going to make some salsa chicken and some country ribs to have on hand, and also will make some soup out of some leftover "no peek beef" that is in the fridge. Good foods readily available!

Hugs to all!
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Old Today, 10:19
Kauaimom Kauaimom is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 63
Plan: 20 net carbs
Stats: 250/210/175 Female 5 feet 8 inches


I am rested and ready to do my best today eating they way I know I need to and the way my body loves me to!

Cat: Welcome for sure! I loved what Blue said about you. I totally agree. Your entrance to this thread was remarkable! Fun to read about you. I am very guarded on here, so you won't hear much personal information from me. I can just tell you I am a widow with a ton of kids and grandkids. They are my joy.

Blue: Please let me know your water intake yesterday. Yesterday started the week of charting. Today you must have a big smile on your face! The weather is incredible. Almost something is wrong! But I know we will take it and embrace it! Love you, Blue. Love your words and who you are. Sounds really weird to say that, but just kind of welled up.

Nic: Good to hear you slept well last night. You are a real go-getter and I can imagine with little to no sleep, it is hard on your for many reasons. You are an inspiration to me having met your goal and now figuring out how to dance around maintenance. Some day I will do that dance with you!

Jaz: You are back. Your "voice" on this thread is strong again. Seems like you continue to get back to your normal. I have read some of Jason Fung also. Very interested and seemed spot-on to me. I want to do some more reading overall. I am not an avid reader. Need to force myself to read. I love hearing about your work having felt I went through that awful season with you where jobs were not working out. I guess it just makes this one feel so right in so many ways.

Trig: I will not, and I mean WILL NOT, accept any other name for you. You are not a Karen, and for sure not a Whirlly! OK, I will accept Karen, but it would be hard for me to use it. For some reason, the name Trig is you. I still love hearing stories about the farm and can picture you there as you tell us. You have a way of cracking me up like no other. Oh, Jaz is right there with you too. So thankful for you and the others.

Lori: Glad you are finally feeling better. Guess what? Today I am going for a walk! It has been a long time. You are an inspiration to me in this area. I have to drag myself to the gym or to do any other exercise. It is kind of funny, because one of my degrees is in Physical Education! Hope your cruise is great and can't wait to hear all about it. Remind me who is going on the cruise with you. Your sister? Or maybe your husband?

Alene: Hope things are still going strong with Mr. M.

I am going to post this because I don't want to lose it. May add some more in another post.

K-Mom 10x3
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Old Today, 10:29
Kauaimom Kauaimom is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 63
Plan: 20 net carbs
Stats: 250/210/175 Female 5 feet 8 inches

Me: Just came off four days with my twin sons and my heart is full to the brim. I also brought my youngest daughter home so she could be with them. She has some special needs. Well, she was SO excited every day they were here, I thought she was going to crash. I mean she was TOO excited. Sometimes I would hear her kind of gasping for breath...hard to explain...just like too excited. She was not feeling well and also had a nasty canker sore. But she held it together! I was so proud of her. (I am not sure that whole paragraph made sense to you guys)

My sons helped me with a new side business I have started, so I think they felt good about that. It kept us busy, but we still had plenty of time to chat.

I feel a lot stronger today and ready to eat well.

Cat, I thought I would add to your frustration about names...Smile Funny thing is, most people will know exactly what I mean. Maybe you can figure it out. I will tell you in a later post. Just having fun with this.

I started my day with my O4. I continue to be thankful for how that helps me. My CapD wavered for a few days, but never truly left. It is back strong today. Ready to also start tracking for Water Hounds.

Blessings to my fave LC friends! (my only ones...Ha!)

Mom 10x3
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