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Old Yesterday, 17:29
Blue52 Blue52 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 228
Plan: My own
Stats: 238/187/175 Female 5'11"

Hi all,

Trigger---Here's a thought for the kiddo on vacay instead of Wi-fi. Does she like to take pictures? If she took some at home, and then ran them off on paper and brought them w/her, there's a A LOT of artistic things you can do to pix w/markers and the kind of supplies she has. Plus she could take more pix to "posterize" while she's there. Throw in some scissors and she could work on some collages. All this could be done on a picnic table, outside in nature---and doesn't involve disappearing into a device.

Seems when you're outside and near water, in the RV, you're so stimulated by the possibilities you don't need food to entertain you. Plus it's a controlled environment for you in that you only bring zero carb stuff. Perfect. Too bad you can't create the same factors camping out in the back yard. Still, the question might be, what more can you get involved w/at home that keeps you stimulated? I know for me that when I'm busy and engaged, food doesn't cross my mind.

Jaz---Is it safe to come out at work yet? Hope the house-cleaning occurs and you get a fresh start. Very nice that you got supportive texts from some of the gals.

In response to your comment, actually I DO over eat sometimes, mostly on treat nights. When I had hubby's spaghetti a few weeks ago I definitely over ate. There will never be any stopping me w/that, which is why it only happens twice a year. Then on a treat night a week later when we had people over I also over ate, combo of treat and LC food. Both times I felt crappy after. But I do know how to kid rid of the bloat w/in a day or so.

What bothers me most is when I over-eat LC food, as that is my day in day out food. THAT doesn't happen very often because while I like those foods, I don't LOVE them the way I do carbs. My best way to stop that is count calories in my head, and think about that before I have seconds. Also just letting 20 minutes pass after eating usually kills the temptation.

My word for this year is perspective. Which is helping me at work, and also w/food, as in not beating myself up for an off plan moment by reminding myself that I'm on plan 98% of time and have been for over 4 years. Which is kind of mind blowing to me. And by taking the bird's eye view when I get antsy or bored on my woe as I did recently, as in "this too shall pass" and it always does and I'm happy back at woe camp.

Best reason to cancel a date ever---new grand daughter! Hope you guys try again.

Lori---Sounds like you and sis had your usual fun time together. The 6 weeks till Virginia Beach will fly by, or you'll golf it by. Rented a house on Virginia Beach years ago w/some gal pals. We had a blast. The town is like a big carnival in the summer, very festive and hopping.

Nic---Your circadian rhythm is restored! It is hard to under-estimate the restorative power of good sleep. Stress and lack of sleep always drive me to my low points and rob me of my word for the year, "perspective." Can't find it when I'm overly tired or stressed.

Interested in finding out what younger son thought of the public high school. My son transferred from his small charter school to the large public high school in our neighborhood at exactly your son's age. He did well there and he liked it, so we were surprised when after one semester he elected to return to the smaller school. We let him make those decisions, and it was a good thing in the end.

He found out for himself that as you said "wherever you go, there you are." I'm a big believer in that. As I am in the "show don't tell" thing w/kids when it can work. Telling them anything at that age is like sailing a paper airplane right over their heads. But when they are allowed to experience it, find themselves being shown certain truths, it works so much better.


So today was a girly girl day. I had some errands to run, in a fun area w/some of my fave shops. Found a fab duster jacket at a hip and expensive place, but it was on sale for just $23! Chinese reds w/hints of turquoise, very light soft cotton and long. Will be great w/jeans or black pants and a tank.

Then at same place I found the most incredible black capris. They are wide leg ones with really cool design details I can't describe. They weren't cheap, but I KNOW I'll wear these all spring and summer long. In clothing, I live for a great pair of pants, no matter the style, and particularly in black, which I can then pair w/ANY top for work or play. Slid these babies up and they just FIT and flowed and are SO flattering. I never walk away from that, doesn't happen often.

Yeah, I get jazzed when I find something pretty to wear. It's my mom'e genes. Also, trying on some clothing was encouraging. Not where I want to be---are we ever?---but I am doing fine and can still wear many of the things I love.

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Old Today, 04:28
Jaz66's Avatar
Jaz66 Jaz66 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 355
Plan: LCHF
Stats: 205/205/150 Female 5'5

Blue- as usual I love your post. You sure are in the right business. Writing is such a natural for you.
Love your word- Perspective. I knew I mixed up yours and Leeann's word- hers is balance. Funny how they just seem to fit you both!

I love getting a little something new! Especially black pants! Love you got a duster jacket with it too! We have a little shop like that- Soft Surroundings, next door to Chico's in the shops across the street where I work. It's a dangerous thing!
I hate that feeling of over eating. Like you- don't get it why I would do it on LC food. Oh well thankfully doesn't happen often as much these days. But when it does it's a good reminder as to why we don't eat like that anymore.

Leeann- I am curious too as to where the DS15 wants to go next year.
Also very glad you are feeling better. There is nothing better than good sleep. Did you buy anything on Vacay? I am always interested in what people buy on Vacay. I bought my last pair of gym shoes in New Orleans. I still have them- they don't get much use.

Trig- How ya doing gal pal? So you were cleaning out the RV? It sounds like a lot of work to not only ready it- but to clean up afterward. Is that true? Better get it cleaned up as storms tomorrow afternoon.

Lori- where are you? Did your sis wear you out? No boot camp this morning? I don't know how you do it! WTG
All- I am having big time laptop issue. Every time it does a auto update- it freezes up and it takes me hours to reboot it.
So I am considering options at this point. URGHHHHHH

I think I have 2 days before it does it again. - Not sure if I even want to drop money into getting this one fixed. I am thinking.

Work- They did NOT clean house as I thought they would. WTF????? I am shocked. Management was told by HR that employees are entitled to their thoughts and feelings. Even if they are calling the management racist, old, and just bad mouthing all the way around. Bottom line - HR is AFRAID of getting sued. Shocked! But ya know - I have to let it go too.

As Leeann says- I may be watching the circus - but these are not MY monkeys!!!!!!!! One of the gals stirring the pot did put in her notice yesterday. Another one went on a interview yesterday. Hopefully this will resolve on it's own.

My boss has another year- before she wants to retire. She is 64. I do see her leaving sometime next year. She has always been very nice to me- but I see her struggle in a leadership position. She is not right for that position. But it is what is it is. I will deal with it. I go in - do my thing and come home- get paid.

I am flat out stuck in my WOE- I am tired of "always being good"- and not losing. I am not tossing in the towel- I would be 500 pounds tomorrow if I did. Not to mention I hate the way it feels when I don't eat well. But I am getting edgy in that I don't feel in a good place with my clothes. And that matters to me.

I have so many outfits I was so sure I would be in by now. I also thought I be have dropped like mad after my surgery. I am just venting. I will stay on plan- just frustrated. I know I need to move more. I do SIT a lot during the day due to my work. It's a sitting job.
I also have been working through my lunch- at my desk! By the time I get home - the vampire job has sucked out the will out of me to work out or do a heavy walk.

Ok- done whining. Sorry- just had to write. I will be back when I can be more positive! But I know ya'll feel it at one time or another!

Have a great day
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Old Today, 06:20
niccofive's Avatar
niccofive niccofive is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 206
Plan: Low Carb My Way/ HDE-IE
Stats: 205/142/138 Female 5'4"
Progress: 94%
Location: Central East Coast

Blue- Very excited for you about your clothes scores! I am not a clothes horse in any way but even I was feeling the thrill of a good find or two! Yay!!
Very interesting how our sons are similar. My son is a lot like me. Is your son like you?

Jaz- Well that is a surprising turn of events. My DH is a labor and employment attorney and I'm sure he sees all kinds of workplace drama and such. I don't know, I keep out of it. Hopefully people who need to go will make that happen on their own.


So the visit to the HS did happen yesterday bc rain canceled their game. They are SO BEHIND in baseball. 9 games behind and 2.5 weeks to get them all in. With limited pitchers this is a very bad scenario!

The school visit- he liked it. Honestly, I like it for him overall bc I hear nothing but good things about it. No school is perfect and he would have to bring more self discipline and such to the table, but I guess my take on it is, what would it hurt? If he goes and he likes it and does well, then great! If he goes and doesn't like it, then he absolutely welcome to return to the other one.

We have told our kids, all three of them, all along, that they are at the parochial school because they choose to be. It wasn't because we don't have good public schools (they are consistently among the top in the nation) or because or religious reasons or anything else. DD21 wanted a smaller school, we liked it for her, they all chose to follow suit. This is the first kid who is saying "maybe this isn't for me.."

That's not to say that the idea of a change isn't nerve wracking or scary, that things won't go wrong. But, change feels like that most of the time, doesn't it?

So, we will table this for a couple of weeks and see how things look at that point. He needs to think it over, as do we. No need to fret or make a decision quite yet.

Weight coming down nicely but expect that a slowdown will occur from today forward.

DD21 and fiancι had to make a decision on the townhouse as other apps were in and waiting, so they chose yes. They actually have access to it on May 1 and have to be out of their apartment May 15, I think. It's always something!

Meeting a friend for breakfast at 9 (omelet for me!) and the cleaning ladies coming at 8:45 so I'm signing off for now.
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Old Today, 08:11
Lori_:)'s Avatar
Lori_:) Lori_:) is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 211
Plan: My Way
Stats: 223/174/160 Female 68 inches
Progress: 78%
Location: Pennsylvania

I'm here, I'm here!

I got up stupid early this morning. Like 3:45? Not the cat's fault, I was awake and had to go to the loo, so just got up. This was my day off boot camp, so I just got started stripping beds and doing laundry. Then I went thru yet more closets and clothes. I took 3 bags to the Community Aid box. This was mostly summer stuff, golf shorts etc. Many were too big.(YAY!) I still have 1 more closet and some drawers to sort thru. Maybe I'll get into that on Friday. Golf tomorrow and 80 degrees!!

Jaz...hard to believe they didn't clean house at your office. As you said, hopefully things will resolve themselves with some of the troublesome ones quitting and finding other jobs. I hear you on being discouraged with your weight not moving and those cute clothes just out of reach. We just have to keep up is not an option, right? Vent away.....we're here for you! nice that your kids have/had the option to choose the best school experience for them. Hope your son is happy with his ultimate choice, although, as you said, he can always go back to the other. So now you'll be helping your daughter move? Whew! It is always something! the sound of your new clothes. I'm at the point where I won't buy something unless I absolutely love it. I don't mind spending more money if the item "speaks to me".

I did some cooking this morning, so now I have the kitchen to clean. I have to clean before the cleaning lady comes this afternoon.

Have a great day!
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