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Old Sun, Jun-12-16, 17:15
bworthey's Avatar
bworthey bworthey is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 544
Plan: Low carb
Stats: 352/346/240 Male 5 feet 6 inches
Progress: 5%
Location: Nettleton, MS
Default Forgive me, LC'ers for I have sinned...

I took a break, if that's what you want to call it, this weekend, and basically ate whatever I wanted. It wasn't too bad, I suppose, no cake or sweets like that - just lots of bread and a banana. I've been strong for over 2 1/2 years through my journey. I've dealt with carb creep of course and have gained back about 10 pounds of what I had lost originally and then been stuck there no matter what I ate or did. This weekend is the first "bad" I've really done though. I come here and confess for the support and accountability to get back on the horse Monday as I plan to do. This will not be a pattern for me and I don't intend for it to be.

A side note, and definitely not a justification for my behavior. I was curious what my BG readings would do might do - I ate bread, banana, peanut butter (Elvis' favorite sandwich) my before reading was 89, 1hr - 100, 2hr - 97. I was surprised. I really expected higher numbers after eating something so high in carbs. I know if I continue down this path the diabetes will come back, so that is my motivation as well.

Guess not much of a question here, just encouragement on the journey!
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Old Sun, Jun-12-16, 18:06
GreekRibs's Avatar
GreekRibs GreekRibs is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,637
Plan: LCHF
Stats: 188/139/138 Female 5'9"
Progress: 98%
Location: Saskatchewan

Hi b-Worthey. I had to laugh at the title of your thread. So cute.
Aw nuts, it's disappointing but I look at how far you've come which is proof you are in this for the long haul. This past weekend is only a blip on your radar.

I notice you have a journal. Why not get back to posting every day in the journal as a means to help you stay focused?

I encourage you whole-heartedly to keep on the path you've been on to lose over 100 pounds!!! That's gobsmackingly amazing!! Hilarious Elvis' fav sandwich is peanut butter/banana on bread. So cute. I had a friend that did that.

To get unstuck after the carb creep ... keep Low Carbing Healthy Fatting, but maybe throw in a little resistance training with free weights at home? Just some bicep and tricep work with dumbbells. That will get the fat burning. You don't have to workout like Mr. Atlas to get results. Welcome back. You are in good company.
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Old Mon, Jun-13-16, 06:55
JuliaR JuliaR is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 226
Plan: Atkins/eating to my meter
Stats: 170/132/125 Female 5'2"
Progress: 84%

Great job with your losses, and with getting back here after a weekend away! What you did yesterday doesn't matter; it's what happens today that counts.

It's awesome that your BG didn't spike too terribly after the (completely yummy-sounding) foray back into the high carb world. From my experience yes, the high BGs DID come back, so for me the idea that diabetes can be "cured" is not a reality. That doesn't mean you won't have a different experience but why tempt fate? Just look at that amazing A1c in your sig - dang! You know what works - keep working it!
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Old Mon, Jun-13-16, 07:08
Just Jo's Avatar
Just Jo Just Jo is offline
A'72 Lifer Hard Core
Posts: 14,238
Plan: A'72 Induction Lifer + IF
Stats: 265/114/130 Female 5'4"
BF:Not so much now!
Progress: 112%
Location: South Central New Mexico

Good Morning, bworthy!

Shake it off, it really wasn't that bad! I feel your pain b/c unfortunately we can't "uneat" the carbs. It could have been so much worse...

Today is a new day and fresh start to getting back to what you know you have to do.

As always, wishing you continued success on your journey!
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Old Mon, Jun-13-16, 09:41
Nancy LC's Avatar
Nancy LC Nancy LC is offline
Posts: 45,222
Plan: Paleo 99.5%
Stats: 210/170/160 Female 67.5"
Progress: 80%
Location: San Diego, CA

You've done a great job, I hope this doesn't derail you! I know whenever I do something like this I suffer with cravings I didn't really have before, at least not to that extent. You just have to look those cravings in the eye and say "no more!" Giving into them makes 'em worse and harder to ignore.
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Old Mon, Jun-13-16, 11:26
jude's Avatar
jude jude is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 942
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 182/149/145 Female 65"
Progress: 89%
Location: Innisfil, Ontario

You're doing to well, Bworthey...won't it be great when "whatever you want" will be the right foods?
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Old Mon, Jun-20-16, 05:59
Lulumae's Avatar
Lulumae Lulumae is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 967
Plan: Atkins, sort of
Stats: 184/160/140 Female 5'6
Progress: 55%

Last week I went on a works outing. The first stop was a wheat and bread museum where we had to make a fancy bread and then later we could eat it. There was bread galore but there was also ham, cheese and yoghurt. I wasn't too tempted by the bread. Then in the evening we had a cocktail with - sandwiches. Very dinky ones. They also had a few small things in "verrines". The desserts were very small but mostly carby but there some were creamy and I ate those. I did OK and felt virtuous but the seed had been sown. Later in the week I bought some gluten free bread and had a slice toasted once or twice. Oddly, gluten free bread doesn't have the moreish effect on me other bread does. Or make me feel bloated. So I got it out of my system, more or less. I make gluten free my fall back position as in most cases when I not at home it means sticking to low carb, but just once in a while, at home mostly, I eat a gluten free roll or something and it reminds me that bread is not so great. I also eat a gluten free crispbread for breakfast most mornings, just to put my cheese on. The main thing is not to give up your way of eating, especially not because you "cheated".
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Old Mon, Jun-20-16, 10:28
katmeyster's Avatar
katmeyster katmeyster is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 918
Plan: Keto (LCHFMP) + IF
Stats: 265/188/150 Female 61 inches
BF:Highest weight 290
Progress: 67%
Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico

After 2 1/2 years, I don't think you have sinned. I hope it at least tasted good

Just inspire us by getting right back into your regular WOE -- you'll be fine!
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