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Old Yesterday, 18:32
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Jaz66 Jaz66 is offline
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Posts: 843
Plan: LCHF
Stats: 205/205/150 Female 5'5

Hello Ladies,

Woke up with a full blown head cold. Not the kind to pull me under, the kind that is very annoying blowing yellow snot with a bright red nose. Ya that kind.

TRIG- We got those 60's beautiful temps too! About TIME! I AM OVER cold. YA our kids had those same 3 snow days of too. I was house bound for 2 days and then we had the holiday off and then I took 1 PTO day I was ready to get outta the house!

I bet the kiddo IS ready to go back. Do she have any friends close to you? At that age better to pick up a friend or two and let them figure it out!

LEEANN- WOW again you have a full house. I don't know how you do it. After awhile I would need to lock myself in my bedroom. But you seem to take it in stride more of the time.

So is DS19 there for winter break? I also found one on your posts funny that you wanted your DD to go home- she is only 35 minutes away! That was funny. She stayed 2 days?!?!?!?
So this is your IL Christmas? Does that mean you still decorations up?

BLUE- How are you my dear? I too don't know much about the RM- except I heard it was a real NO NO- and people end up burned. Good that you had someone who knows run the numbers for you!

I know what you are going through is ROUGH beyond words. I thought of you as I packed a box of my own today. I have a fast approaching deadline, and it is starting to give me a twinge of angst. Change IS HARD. Even if it will benefit us. Your situation though is for different reasons. I just fine it ironical we are both in the mist of heavy transition of a move about the same time.

New chapters for us both. On the flip side that home will always hold precious memories for you. However I too think that once you get to the other side settled with your hubby it will be ok.

YAY on you to get in a size 12!!!!!!!! That is great. That is one less thing you gotta worry about. Those shakes have come in handy at just the right time!
Keep us posted my friend.

Lori- GREAT deal you got on those gloves. Hopefully you won't need them for another year!!!! Are you feeling more rested now that you aren't working as much?
How is your WOE going? You said you were feeling better about it. Have you started back to boot camp? I think once the weather warms up a bit you will too settle into your routine.

KMOM- hope you are well. This must be your weekend to rest and relax!
Did you ever get your treadmill? How are things going with you heart wise? I guess since you haven't written about it, it must have settled down a bit. Are you still as tired or has some of that resided?
Yes - a cold is annoying. Hard to believe on could have so much snot! It funny I go from totally clogged to WIDE open and it feels dry and hurts- then. My nose is red and sore from blowing.
It's not enough to knock me down though- dragging maybe.

I wrote a huge paper / read about 300 pages/ 5 articles/ and 2 activities that were required for just this week!

I spent the morning house hunting online. Found 4 I want to go though tomorrow. After that I wrote my paper. I am REALLY struggling with citing, and proper APA. I know it takes practice. I feel a bit overwhelmed. With school, full time work and school over my head right now.

My move IS starting to feel real and close. Plus after I find someplace comes the real work. All the paperwork that goes into the mortgage and inspections, packing, address transfers, and the list is daunting. You would think as many times as I have done it it would be old hat.
However I have never done it this busy. Trying to keep all my balls in the air.

Took a 20 minute walk- it was nice. Just me and the pup. My phone has been ringing off the chain today. I just have not felt chatty. My DS can be super chatty. I know I should relish it- but sometimes I am just tired. He still has the energy being in his 20's. He met a new girl today and wanted to tell me all about it. 4 phone call worth!!!!!!

Left over chili over 2 hot dogs. I know I won't lose due to salt. But it was LC and hit the spot. No dairy - so I am hopeful I will lose the salt puff tomorrow.

Loving the one meal on the weekends works for me.
OK- LONG day. I am real close to finish Person of Interest. Just a few episodes left. Plan to knock them off tonight.

Stay strong ladies- remember - THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!!!!!! Lets CLAIM IT SO!!!!

PS- I know there is much to edit- here- to tired to care
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Old Today, 05:34
Lori_:)'s Avatar
Lori_:) Lori_:) is online now
Senior Member
Posts: 557
Plan: My Way; IF
Stats: 223/158.2/160 Female 68 inches
Progress: 103%
Location: Pennsylvania

Good Morning Friends!

Oh Jaz.....hope you are feeling better this morning. I had that crud a few weeks ago....miserable. Do you ever use a nasal saline spray to help with the congestion? Sometimes it helps a bit. You have so much going on with school and thinking about moving.....make sure you get enough rest. Take care.

There is some kind of stomach thing going around work now and I'm hoping I don't catch that. Ugh. This flu thing is scary too. People dying within hours of feeling sick. I'm around so many people at work....hope my immune system is strong. DH and I are going to start taking Oil of Oregano capsules to try to keep any infections away. Not sure if it really works, but it couldn't hurt, right?

Today will be a low key day. I think DH is going to a sportsman's show with our son and grandson. I have an errand to run & maybe some laundry since I have to work all day Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. I thought maybe I'd go to my sister's on Thursday thru the weekend, but she has plans, so that is out. She just got home last night from a week long Disney cruise with her daughter, son in law & granddaughter. She had a good time, but is glad to be home.

Ok gang. Hope you have a good Sunday.
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Old Today, 08:21
Jaz66's Avatar
Jaz66 Jaz66 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 843
Plan: LCHF
Stats: 205/205/150 Female 5'5

Good Morning!

Lori- That flu bug going around is no joke! They talk about it on the news about everyday. They did mention the stomach thing too. THANKFULLY mine is just a mild cold. I did start my Nasocort yesterday and feel somewhat better today.

I have never heard of oregano as a health herb....Tumeric yes. I'm sure you wash your hand like crazy. Thankfully we as a society don't use paper money much. Paper is so dirty. I rarely carry cash- RARE! maybe a 20 here or there.

When are you going back to bootcamp? What are you eating these days?

Leeann- you are in full hostess swing again! At least you aren't doing a big dinner. I am curious as to how your dinner out went? Did you dress up? What kind of place was this?

Oh I want to go back a few posts. Shrimp soup? I gather it had dairy, but I am thinking I could make it like a warm coconut milk lime curry base. What else did your soup have in it? Interested. I have some limes, coconut milk and shrimp on hand. Did you cook the shrimp first?

Trig- I am sending you a BEAUTIFUL WARM DAY! Get out side and get some natural vitamin D!!!!! Take the kiddo and dogger for a walk! You will feel a ton better. I plan to get my 30 minutes in.

I actually hear BIRDS!!!! YAY ON THAT. Warm weather and lets put this winter to BED!
Whats on your menu this week?

BLUE- I am hopeful you are feeling better.Hopeful, see some silver linings. All those things. Time has a way as you well know to make things work out. I am a big believer of KARMA.

KMOM- hope you are well!
Out of time be back - on plan Stan!
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