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Old Wed, Jan-21-04, 16:58
LisaS LisaS is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 568
Plan: PPLP
Stats: 235/179/125 Female 5' 5"
Progress: 51%
Location: So Calif

way up at the top of this post, the straight-legged deadlift is described as "bend from the waist" - this terminology could be misinterpreted. One does not bend from the waist - this would round the back. One bends at the hips keeping the back relatively straight. Think "Ken Doll". To get the feeling right - without the bar, put your thumbs where your upper thigh meets your hips and bend forward - you should feel yourself bending around your thumbs. Contrast this to putting your hands on your waist and bending over.
Just a nit.
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Old Sun, Nov-21-04, 17:58
ellie2's Avatar
ellie2 ellie2 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 158
Plan: atkins
Stats: 180/161/125 Female 5'5
Progress: 35%
Location: toronto,canada

Hi Dan, I have a kind of strange question to ask and wasn't sure where to post it....I have been working out for YEARS, doing weights and cardio (in fact i've had 3 personal trainers over the years) and i want to know what exercises i can do to avoid the dreaded 'flat woman's backside'. I do legs 2x a week with straight leg deadlifts, 3 different types of squats(20 poundsx20 reps), leg press, inner and outer thigh press and my butt is STILL flat. I was thinking maybe i do too many reps and not enough weight..for instance i start my work out with thirty walking lunges a break and thirty more (as in 15 steps with each leg, ten pounds in each hand). I don't know if it's possible but i want to get a more 'bubble' shape...maybe it means building the top of the muscle but i wouldn't know how to isolate it really....The personal trainers weren't much help. I guess it's because i didn't eat right at the time (i'm now lc and keep it to about 20g a day. I gain if i eat more despite the exercise). Sorry that was so long winded. I also do 30-60 minutes of cardio with my weights.. Any thoughts? Am in asking in the right place?
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Old Wed, Nov-24-04, 10:21
Meg_S Meg_S is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 2,276
Plan: lots of meat
Stats: 00/00/00 Female 5 10"
BF:goal: 17%
Progress: 41%
Location: Germany (Canadian abroad)

(big grin) as a former flat butter... it sounds like you're already in great shape and can handle more advanced exercises. Strap on a heavy backpack and do really deep, with excellent form, walking lunges up an incline until you can't walk any more.

Sprints on stairs at least 2 at a time

I found pistols (1 leg squats to really work glutes more than any other leg muscle, they take time to work up to)
You can start by doing them onto a low chair, and then work your way down.

Another one is ..ok this is going to be difficult to explain.
Start with one leg on a chair, bench or sturdy object, and the other foot sort of hanging off the side or back. Slowly lower yourself, using the strength of only the leg on the chair - as far as you can safely go. You may need to hold onto something for balance. Push yourself back up with the same leg.

An easier version of this is VERY high step ups onto an object.

The key to really getting the glutes is to get enough of an angle to really activate them - eg: really low lunges on the incline, etc.

To give your glutes the most growth, focus on training them the most for a while, while just maintaining the other body groups - you can't make everything on your body grow a lot at the same time.

Good luck!
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Old Wed, Nov-24-04, 12:41
ellie2's Avatar
ellie2 ellie2 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 158
Plan: atkins
Stats: 180/161/125 Female 5'5
Progress: 35%
Location: toronto,canada

Thanks for those great suggestions! Your discription was perfect. I'm trying them all ASAP. I have never ever tried ANY of them so this should really shake up my work outs. I am SO appreciative! Great advice!
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Old Wed, Nov-24-04, 20:44
Alopex's Avatar
Alopex Alopex is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 551
Plan: Hypoallergenic diet
Stats: 117/112/- Female 64"
Location: Toronto

Awesome information, Dan! No wonder my workouts have been so effective--I use almost all of those exercises (many modified to make them more challenging)!

Thanks for sharing this (I hadn't seen it before, but I'm glad I found it). It's nice to see the science behind it.
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Old Fri, Dec-03-04, 10:06
AJ_0001's Avatar
AJ_0001 AJ_0001 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 357
Plan: Atkins/BFL
Stats: 260/197/150 Female 5'7
Progress: 57%
Location: Toronto, Canada
Default side bridges

Hey Dan, thanks so much for all your information. I am just finished the CanFit Pro course - the Canadian course to become certified as a personal trainer - my exam is Dec. 18 - and the trainer showed us some additional moves for the side bridge. In addition to holding the position, he showed us how we can put our free arm, bent, so that our elbow is pointing up and our hand is at our temple - then lower the elbow down to the ground, towards your chest. That is a really hard move for me...but I think it really works the obliques. One would eventually work up to being able to hold the position, then twist without dropping your torso to the ground, so that you are up on your toes but face downwards, and hold, then raise one leg so that your toes are on the other heel, then flip again so that you are on your other side, and do the "elbows down" on that side. I watched the instructor do it so smoothly and I was amazed. It is really hard! Just something different to try for those hard to reach core muscles...

Have a great day!
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