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Old Thu, Jun-21-18, 06:47
Meetow Kim Meetow Kim is offline
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Keeping with the original subject of the thread, I am enjoying Lavash pizza nearly every weekend now. I have the method down pretty well; using a metal sheet pan with foil and a little spray/wipe of oil (not a bunch, just some insurance the pizza wont stick), pre-bake one lavash until its nearly a cracker (gotta check it vigilantly so you don't over bake it, its a fine line), remove that, lay another lavash on the sheet pan and pop in the oven for a minute or two just to evaporate some moisture from it. Oven at 450.

On the slightly baked lavash still on the pan, evenly distribute a decent amount of a shredded Italian blend cheese, the blend has firm cheeses in it other than just mozzarella. Mozzerella and Italian blends are the only cheeses I dont grate myself now and the carbs from the potato starch in them (keeps it from clumping) arent as big a deal to me at this stage of my diet where I'm allowing more carbs than induction.

Top with the almost cracker stiff second lavash, then spread sauce on that. I like to use a no sugar marinara...Walmart sells one thats pretty good. Spread the sauce evenly making sure to get sauce all the way out to and around the edges of both layers of lavash...the top/cracker layer will be a little smaller than the bottom layer not baked as much. At this point add some extra seasonings, garlic and onion powder, some dried oregano and thyme, black pepper, hot pepper flakes (if you are like me and my wife who like it spicy) and for some folks, even some coarse salt or some accent (MSG).

Now spread shredded mozzerella evenly on it doing the same thing, making sure you have cheese all around the edges too. Better to have to clean some up around the pizza with your fingers and plop back on the pizza, than not get the cheese to the edges.

Then top with pepperoni. I make sure the pepperoni covers pretty much the whole pizza, not just a few here and there randomly tossed on...I love pepperoni. Then I like pickled hot peppers or fresh jalapeno cut in judicious sizes, black olives and onions. Mushrooms would be good too but like the onions, right on top so the oven has a change to evaporate the moisture they release. I also like to put some sliced green olive on my side of the pizza...the wife is not into the green olives on pizza like me and my grandson.

Bake at 450. It usually takes about 15 minutes or so, but I always start watching it after 8-10 minutes and I spin the sheet pan 180 degrees at least once for more even browning. My oven has a convection setting that blows a fan around, I shift it to convection bake for the last few to several minutes and when its browned to my liking, remove.

Very important to let the pizza rest. I put the pizza on sheet pan on a cooling rack to speed this up. Let it rest to just warm...not far above room temp, then cut and serve. This provides a pizza you can eat with your hands, although not super hot like the really good stuff, but hey, no mouth burns!

The whole process takes about 45 from prep, to assemble, bake and cool so this is not a "quick and easy" recipe. It's a splurge for me since I have had no other real pizza since starting the diet January 1 this year.


I did your chicken breader recipe last night and can confirm again, its a real winner. I used boneless thighs (my wife is not a big "on the bone" fan) and it was the first fried chicken that was really excellent other than deep fried chicken wings I've had since starting the diet.

I was surprised how the coating stuck and stayed so well to the chicken seeing as your method did not involve a pre-dusting of a flour of some sort, but I suppose the whey protein made a good "sticky" agent.

The boneless thighs were done in about 15 minutes or less. I used a meat thermometer rather than estimating doneness. I drizzled a little leftover buffalo sauce over and we ate with a knife and fork, although once cooled enough could have been eaten with fingers.

I made cauliflower and cheese to go with it like your recipe narrative.

Now I need to go find that fish breader you say works so well with vegetables!

I do simple vegetables too, but I lost my serious craving for veggies a year or two ago, so sometimes I need a little something extra to make me want to eat them. Don't know what caused that, I just suddenly didn't like vegetables as much...I've been eating them all my life, and now kind of force myself to. Green beans are coming in, in the garden so those will be good stir fried with chili garlic sauce Asian style and we've been enjoying lettuce and greens up until the summer heat hit from our I do get excited about what I grow!

Last edited by Meetow Kim : Thu, Jun-21-18 at 06:55.
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Old Thu, Jun-21-18, 18:38
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Buttoni Buttoni is offline
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Glad you're enjoying the chicken coating, Ken. Here's a link to the fish coating and the veggies I've tried it on: Works divinely on eggplant slices, too!
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