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Old Fri, Jun-16-17, 09:27
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Very positive one-year report. I find the Virta model positive in that the objective is to work with health insurance plans and to offer concierge services, as these are the two pathways that are popular today. It's an interesting model in that it provides a service for people who are not the outliers (people who are driven and enjoy doing their own research to find a WOE that moves them toward health) by providing information and support at every step. Those of us who frequent this forum are the outliers in that many of us independently took the action to improve our health without conventional support. Dare I say the majority of people are not like this and don't or can't take the path of self learning and N=1 discovery to achieve health. They do better with a framework of support and information guidance. Virta fills this gap, and it makes sense when providing this service that there are costs like any other health or medical service. This is the next step to take in health care, and there are other groups planning or doing similar things in many areas of health awareness and services. This is refreshing!
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Old Fri, Jun-16-17, 09:27
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"...Use of medications continued to drop: insulin was reduced or halted in 97% of users."

WTF! incredible?
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Old Sun, Jun-18-17, 22:48
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Good, but unfortunately there's more money in "keep em ill and sell em pills!"
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Old Mon, Jun-19-17, 04:36
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Importance of taking diabetes medications as prescribed, exercising and managing weight
Study highlights health system's ability to track important factors which can impact better blood sugar control

Researchers examined several lifestyle and demographic factors to determine which were most closely associated with poorly controlled blood sugar. They found that members who took their oral diabetes medications at least 80 percent of the time were 46 percent less likely to have poorly controlled blood sugar, compared to those who took their medications less than 80 percent of the time. Members who exercised four or more times a week were 25 percent less likely to have poorly controlled blood sugar, compared to members who exercised three or fewer times per week.

Let's see, 97 percent off their insulin, vs. 46 percent less likely to have poorly controlled blood sugar vs. people who mostly skip their medication. Well-controlled blood sugar was defined as HBA1c under 8, they could probably have made medication even more effective by defining it as under 10 or 11.
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Old Fri, Sep-15-17, 05:30
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Long new interview with Gary Taubes on sugar from a diabetes website, last question is on Virta:

diaTribe: Are you optimistic about companies like Virta Health that try to take nutrition into the realm of industry, align incentives, and prove the value of eating fewer carbs?

GARY: I think Virta Health is as likely as any organization to change the world. If their business model is viable, and that remains to be seen, and they continue to demonstrate that they can get people with type 2 diabetes off their meds and losing significant weight in the process, and if they continue to show that they can save insurers, corporations, and payer-providers money, then their approach is going to spread widely.

By targeting folks with type 2 diabetes and showing that they can reverse this disease, get people off meds, and make them healthy, then it negates or end-runs arguments that there’s something inherently unhealthy about eating low-carb, high-fat diets. It also counters the argument that the healthiest diet is a vegetarian or vegan diet, which would imply the problem is animal products and not the carbs we’re consuming.

For more up to date info about Virta, there is a new podcast with one of their doctors, Dr Jeff Stanley. He mentions in the new Boundless Health podcast with Bret Scher (eps #11) that they have the One Year results, hints they are very good, in the process of getting it accepted and prepared for publication.
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