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Old Sun, Mar-15-15, 11:40
MPrufrock MPrufrock is offline
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Default Eating Disorder support

Is anyone here recovering from an eating disorder?
Has LC helped you manage more than just your weight, like self-image?
How do you keep the focus on health rather than appearance?

In my life, I've gained and lost nearly 100 pounds. I was bulimic from age 13-20. I grew up in a culture where looking a certain way was believed to be the only thing a woman should concern herself with. Then I moved to America, where people were a little more subtle about comments on my appearance but not always. For this reason, I was fat-shamed more often when my BMI was 20-23 than when it was 27-31. I'm currently at a BMI of 24, aiming to be no less than 22-23. I believe it is more important for me to eat regularly, well and manage my T2/PCOS than it is for me to look good, though I admit it is a nice bonus.

Looking forward to knowing about your experiences.
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Old Tue, Mar-17-15, 20:19
Kristine's Avatar
Kristine Kristine is offline
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Hi MP. I am.

LC helped to correct the underlying depression, anxiety and sugar addiction that lead me to an ED. I ended up anorexic because it was honestly easier to starve than try to "moderate" like the so-called experts tell us to.

On LC, the body image stuff improved somewhat with my moods and clearer thinking, but I think for a lot of people, that can require cognitive/behavioural therapy or something of that ilk.

There was another recent ED thread in this forum in which I posted more.

Best of luck.
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Old Wed, Mar-18-15, 13:29
s-piper s-piper is offline
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Yeah, I've had problems with disordered eating since I was a teenager.

It's still a struggle, but one thing that LC does help with in recovering from eating disorders is that my mood is a lot more stable with I'm not eating sugar, and I don't have to go hungry to lose weight so there's much less risk of falling back into the restrict + binge cycle.
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Old Thu, Mar-26-15, 06:25
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WereBear WereBear is offline
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Originally Posted by MPrufrock
Is anyone here recovering from an eating disorder?

I had a binge/starve cycle in my late teens. I got a grip on the emotional parts, but was still tormented by massive hunger after meals that I could not figure out. Low carb took care of that when I started eating real food instead of just carbs.

Originally Posted by MPrufrock
Has LC helped you manage more than just your weight, like self-image?

It's been great. I love losing the excess weight, the sense of energy, and the happy moods. Equally big is the whole not-being-tormented-by-crazed-hunger when I wasn't being tormented by nagging-food-thoughts. The ability to eat a normal sized meal and walk away for HOURS still thrills me.

This works great for self-image, too. I'm not weak-willed; it takes a lot of strength to put up with near starvation for months on end! Especially when I don't get good results back

Originally Posted by MPrufrock
How do you keep the focus on health rather than appearance?

It's a boundary issue. Why should I let other people, who are not living my life and are not responsible for the results of my choices, dictate how I should live and feel? This is a really good time to consider the source. And how informed they are.

If they were right, if we had this in our control, they could nudge and even shame and have a bit of justification for it. But it wasn't. Almost everyone on this forum has a different kind of metabolism, one that reacts very strongly to carbohydrates by turning them to FAT. It's a medical issue no one knew how to treat!

And now I'm treating it. So everyone else can just shut their face.
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Old Tue, Feb-16-16, 07:18
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JEY100 JEY100 is offline
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New article and ED writer, guest post on Robb Wolf

Recovery from EDs is Possible
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