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Old Tue, Feb-13-18, 22:01
Brick1 Brick1 is offline
New Member
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Plan: Atkins
Stats: 215/190/180 Male 5í9Ē
Default ANOTHER stall question 🙄

Iím sure everyone is sick and tired of the stall questions, but I wanted to ask a group of people who truly know what theyíre talking about instead of just ďgoogling it.Ē
Iíve been on Atkins since the beginning of January, and during the induction phase, I went from 215lbs down to 188lbs (so 27 lbs in about 4 weeks, woot woot.) but then it just completely stopped. Itís bounced between 188 and 193ish for at least 2-3 weeks now. I track carbs religiously using the Atkins app and have been consistently between 0&5 gr a day OR ELSE. The weird part is that when I started, I was ALOT less careful. Lots more veggies (which I know veggies arenít bad obviously, but a lot have more carbs than I thought) but in salads and veggies alone I was easily up to probably 15g of carbs a day sometimes.
The ONLY thing that has changed is fewer carbs, and a little less exercise. Running once a week instead of twice, lifting weights twice a week instead of 3x. My question is, can the difference in working out make THAT big of a difference that I go from almost a pound a day to NOOOOOOTHING for weeks? Am I eating too few carbs and so my body is holding onto everything it can like itís in ďsurvival mode?Ē Calories average between 1100-1800 a day.
I just donít know what to do next :/
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Old Wed, Feb-14-18, 05:24
JEY100's Avatar
JEY100 JEY100 is offline
To Good Health!
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Plan: IF Fung/LC Westman/Primal
Stats: 222/171/169 Female 5' 9"
Progress: 96%
Location: NC

I donít think the difference in workouts have anything to do with it. Nor are you in survival mode.

You lost 27 pounds in 4 weeks when you didnít have much weight to lose? That's amazing right there. In this "best of" article on scale the first post on typical patterns of weight loss. Many stall in week 3-4, you continued to lose for a while longer...and a lot percentage wise.
And read the most recent post with a Dr Phinney quote....maybe as a man who works out (assume muscular, strong bones, youngish) your current weight IS the right weight for you. Throw out the scale and BMI chart.

For men, a waist half height is a good gauge of health.

If you do need to lose more visceral fat, then keep on low carb. Dr Naiman has some protein energy ratio tips on his website if you want to strip down LC to basic meat and green veg/salad. Try adding the salad back in higher amounts.

Last edited by JEY100 : Wed, Feb-14-18 at 05:40.
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Old Wed, Feb-14-18, 05:46
WereBear's Avatar
WereBear WereBear is offline
Posts: 10,369
Plan: Epi-Paleo/IF
Stats: 220/161/150 Female 67
Progress: 84%
Location: USA

I could not break through until I began extending my time between meals. This lets insulin drop lower, and that is what releases the fat for us to burn.

Doing what we did when we had lots to lose is going to be different from what we do as goal approaches. It's a different body now.
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Old Wed, Feb-14-18, 08:26
GRB5111's Avatar
GRB5111 GRB5111 is offline
Posts: 2,153
Plan: Ketogenic (LCHFKD)
Stats: 227/186/185 Male 6' 0"
Progress: 98%
Location: Herndon, VA

Good responses from Janet and WereBear. I'd also add that since you appear to be close to your goal weight of 180, be aware that weight loss alone is not linear or the same over time. When you get closer to your goal weight, things typically slow down. Does this mean that Atkins is not working? No. It simply means that your approach is working and your body is starting to adapt to its optimum conditions. For some, it starts fast and is like a freight train, then it's not. Exercise frequency has nothing to do with what you're experiencing. Sounds like it's normal to me. Be well.
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Old Wed, Feb-14-18, 09:10
dcc0455 dcc0455 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 128
Plan: Low Carb
Stats: 224/155/155 Male 67
Progress: 100%

Not really adding anything, mostly just reinforcing. My story is similar. I went from 230 (started paying attention at 224) to 170 pretty easy. Stalled at 170 for a couple months until, similar to JEY100 suggestion, switch to a very strict protein and salad menu. That dropped me to 155 in a short time. Currently trying to go down to 150 but stalled again, fluctuating between 155 and 160. As WereBear stated, it's a different body now, and may require something different. Also, I seem enough similar posts to know that as GRB5111 posted, it is normal. I guess the one thing I would add is that at some point you have to look at calories. I know that could be hearsay in a low carb forum, and I am not advocating the typical calorie restriction diet, but 1100 to 1800 is a pretty big spread. You may find you dont need as many calories as the online calculators suggest.
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