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Closed Thread
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Old Sun, May-07-06, 10:03
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Default Speaking of hypocrisy, here's my own...

For me, it was interesting to feel my own emotions while reading the posts. Over the course of this thread, it’s safe to say we’ve had contributions by (in my personal opinion) some of the most intelligent and articulate people (of course, I’m biased here since I personally enjoy very much reading their respective posts not only this thread but elsewhere) in this forum.

I’m not sure if this makes sense to others, but I think most of us realize when a post is clearly meant to incite rather than contributing to the spirit of the issue at hand. It was so obvious—posts on both sides of the argument—certain posts were personal attacks thinly veiled under the guise of “spirited” debate for the good of all. For example, if I were to assert openly, “exercise is real method for optimal health.” To what end would I respond to the clique demanding scientific proof to validate my opinion? Surely, we’ve all read reports both supporting and refuting the merits of exercise. Would it be a stretch to assume that the person who insists on scientific reports showing clearly exercise is beneficial is only doing so based on his or her finding my assertions unpalatable, for whatever reason? Equally, I find the dissenter who refutes my assertion of exercise simply because I was wrong on something completely unrelated, say the temperature on Mars when it’s orbiting the Sun in May, to be equally frivolous.

Now, for me, the interesting phenomenon was that when recognizing these personal attacks—intense emotional disliking for the Bear (and vice versa) supported by rationality—I found myself treating the individual poster very differently. For instance, for those on this board whom I’ve known and like personally over the years, their doing so didn’t bother me at all. If anything, I enjoyed reading their posts, and even found their open display of emotion endearing enough to sway me, even though I clearly recognize the guise and pretense under which their attacks were founded upon.

On the other hand, for whatever reason there are those making those identical posts as describe above for whom *at best* I will NEVER take seriously again.
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Old Sun, May-07-06, 10:12
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Originally Posted by Rob21370
I would love to answer Potato's question but I'm afraid it it can't be answered on the public boards. What happened to this thread was intended to exactly happen this way, the only undecided factor was how long it would last.

OMG it was...foretold! It was prophecy! That's so COOL!
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Old Sun, May-07-06, 10:27
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THe debate on this thread was well underway before I ever appeared on the scene. I believe my first post was around mid-April ----long after any debating began. I made no claims to being an expert on anything and didn't even attempt to debate either the merits of Bear's diet or get into a lengthy discussion about nutrients. Not everyone is qualified to discuss complex medical or nutritional information. I fall into that category and recognize that fact and therefore made no attempts to bolster anything I said by quoting studies or googling all over the internet to find information to prove that Bear's diet was wrong. I am not a scientist or a medical professional nor did I ever pretend to be. I am a retired kindergarten teacher. I have also studied anthropology and I took exception to Bear's views that humans who lived during the stone age age no vegetation. I also was offended by his pompous claims that he was an expert on just about everything from A to Z. As I said, I got into the middle of this ongoing fray, but I certainly didn't start it. It began long before I ever posted on this thread.
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Old Sun, May-07-06, 10:28
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Posts: 3,221
Plan: low carb/low fat
Stats: 255/236/155 Female 5 ft. 9 in.
Progress: 19%
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Originally Posted by OldDoc2B
No, it hasn't been answered properly; that's why I brought it up. Doing so might alleviate some of the more obnoxious attempts at debate perpetuated on this this thread.

Well my apologies then.
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Old Sun, May-07-06, 10:31
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Since the departure of theBear from this thread, it turned into a member vs. member debate, and nothing to do with a meat only diet debate.

So this thread is now closed.

Feel free to start a new thread to debate the carnivore diet issues if you want, but please keep it free from personal attacks against other members. Also, please avoid using your journals to attack other members.
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Closed Thread

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