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Old Thu, Nov-16-17, 12:00
Verbena Verbena is offline
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I used to work in a doctor's office - pediatrics. I would see my family practitioner right next door, and my BP was invariably high. He would just say "go back to Peds, and have one of your colleagues check it". It was always normal. White coat syndrome, certainly, but only for white coats that treated adults, not children :-)
Gaining weight caused it to go up over time, losing weight has brought it down again
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Old Thu, Nov-16-17, 12:04
Ms Arielle's Avatar
Ms Arielle Ms Arielle is offline
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I have disregarded the PB numbers for years.....way too high IMO. If my bottom number hits 80 my doc says nothing. BUUUUTTTT I know I have not been following LC for too long. Back on LC, and I can drop my BP numbers in days......NO MEDS!!!

Modern medicine is still behind the times.
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Old Thu, Nov-16-17, 16:02
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JEY100 JEY100 is online now
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Reading Dr Kendrick on changing the BG numbers to diagnose diabetes. Apply same for BP.
The decision as to when you diagnose diabetes also depends on specific glucose levels –which have little basis in any solid data. In fact, as I write, I can guarantee that people will be deciding that the levels of blood sugar used to define diabetes are too high, and should be lowered. The sounds of money tinkles gently in background.
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Old Thu, Nov-16-17, 19:51
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WereBear WereBear is offline
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Location: USA

My blood pressure and blood sugar were edging up before I went low carb. Now, the PA is amazed at how "perfect" both are.

Which is sad, really, that I'm so rare.

I agree, it makes no sense to change a BP reading when the underlying problem is still there.

"You're in as much trouble by the time you are on three medications that achieve excellent control as you are when you have hypertension and it is untreated, which is amazing," Howard said. "We want to raise the issue that, despite great advances in a pharmaceutical approach, relying solely on this approach is going to come at a dear price of people's lives."
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Old Sat, Nov-18-17, 22:22
Merpig's Avatar
Merpig Merpig is offline
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Location: NE Florida

I’m another one who gets super high readings at the doctor’s office! Really high, although decent at home. A former doctor wouldn’t believe me so she did have me wear one of those 24-hours monitors. As she said “sure enough, your BP was through the roof here when we put the monitor on. Twenty minutes after you left it had dropped a lot. Forty minutes after you left it was normal, ( remained normal the next 24 hours despite traffic jams and emergencies at work), then twenty minutes before you were due back here it began to rise, and by the time you got back here it was through the roof again”.

I was also thinking about Welch’s book when I heard of this new guideline. Anyone remember when the guideline for the top number was your age+100? Were there really tons more strokes and heart attacks then?

I’m 65 now! Hah, that would work for me even at the doctor’s office sometimes! Alas being older my BP is a bit higher, and goes up sooner when I’m seeing a doctor, and takes longer to come back down afterwards.

Several times in the last few years I’ve had to fill out health questionnaires and never know how to answer the “do you have high blood pressure” question. How do you answer when it’s normal 95% of the time but high 5% of the time, and the high is always when a medical professional is taking it!
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Old Sun, Nov-19-17, 11:21
deirdra's Avatar
deirdra deirdra is offline
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Location: Alberta

Debbie, with those 24-hr test results, I'd say "normal".

It makes you wonder how many people with normal readings at the doctor's office are really suffering from too-low blood pressure.
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Old Sun, Nov-19-17, 18:27
dcc0455 dcc0455 is offline
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Here is my experience:
In my 30's my job required a commercial drivers license. That required a DOT physical once a year. The physical consisted of turn your had and cough, and a BP reading. Mine was always higher than allowed, so they would have me sit in the exam room for about 20 minutes and recheck. I always passed, but just under the wire.
In my 40's, I was getting dizzy, and very fatigued so after about a week of that, I went to an ER clinic. My top BP reading was over 200, so they gave me a prescription and told me to get a doctor to manage it.
In my 50's, I had a few instances when getting out of bed to use the bathroom caused me to pass out. The doctor did not find anything wrong, and theorized it could be caused by a drop in BP. He reduced my BP medicine.
In my 60's, after losing weight, I was getting dizzy while painting my hallway. I used a home BP machine and found my BP to be 89/64 with a pulse of 107. I contacted my doctor who told me to stop taking the BP medicine. I haven't taken medicine for about 6 months now, and always get a good BP reading.
The point, at least for me, is that checking BP once or twice a year at the doctors office is not really representative. Home testing is not very expensive, and is probably a good idea if you have any doubts.
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