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Old Tue, Jul-17-07, 08:16
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Plan: Atkins '72 It works best!
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BF:mini goal 229
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Location: St. Pete, Florida

PCP: primary care physician
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Old Tue, Jul-17-07, 09:22
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Progress: 70%

Originally Posted by vineyarder
As a member of the 'medical establishment' (Harvard MD married to Harvard Dietitian), I had always been 'taught' that Atkins was 'bad', though without any supporting evidence... Medical Students and residents receive almost zero training in nutrition during medical school or residency, so most of their 'knowledge' on the subject is picked up informally in conversations with colleagues, and therefore not really subject to the usual academic scrutiny. I was therefore shocked when my new personal physician recommended Atkins, but she handed me a ream of scientific studies to back up her recommendation (along with her personal experiences with hundreds of patients). After reading the materials I was totally convinced, and I'm thrilled with the decision to change to this WOE. In addition to the weight loss, my resting heart rate has gone from 85 to 57 and BP from 135/85 to 110/60 - pretty impressive changes!

This is so awesome to read!!! I am so sick and tired of folks with their opinions about what I should and should not be doing to lose this weight.
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Old Tue, Jul-17-07, 13:46
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Princess Sara
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Plan: Dukan
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Location: L.A. (Lower Alabama)

Originally Posted by WH1968
awesome for you.. I've always said.. the cure for a non supportive doctor is a new doctor...


Damn straight!!! We are consumers, they are not GODS. Unfortunately I have to deal with doctors because of my chronic condition, but they do not rule my life. I have never found a perfect doctor, but I am not a perfect patient either. I try to look at the bigger picture and do my homework.

I have been with three of my doctors for at least 10 years....I have had to get a new gynecologist this year, however. My doctors work as a team by communicating with each other and recognizing me as a person; I do not need a dictator. I will also go for other opinions.
for example, one of my doctors is pushing for me to have a hysterectomy. I am not so keen on the idea. I've gathered other opinions and will NOT be having one unless *I* think it is best....and I don't think it is best at this time. I have valid reasons--I'm not just being chicken.

My endocrinologist is great as far as the medical side, but he has a dreadful bedside manner. I call him Dr. A$$hole and do not take any of his crabbiness personally. (In his defense he is not ALWAYS a pain in the butt. He was VERY nice to me yesterday.) The advice and guidance he gives me is worth putting up with his sometimes snarky attitude...I can handle it. I'm not quite clear on why people think they have to be in 100% accord with their doctors. I've even read on this forum about someone afraid to go to the doctor because she is anticipating flack about her eating plan. I don't quite get the fear part. It isn't like a doctor is going to have you arrested. If they do act like an a$$hole, you get to decide what you want to do about it.
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Old Tue, Jul-17-07, 14:01
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BF:new scale :(
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Location: Niagara Falls, ON

PCP... ah! thought maybe you were getting angel dust!

That's what we call a GP, general practitioner I guess.
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