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Old Mon, May-28-01, 22:38
need2burn's Avatar
need2burn need2burn is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 41
Plan: Own Combinations, just trying not to exceed 20g/day..Struggling tho
Stats: 174/160/125
Location: Malaysia
Default 3 days cheated but finally loose another 3lbs

I had been on a low fat ..low calories..low colesterol diet...I am just a health freak since I am 20 ..regular excercise bla bla....but after giving birth to me boy i started gainin..more then i a yoyo I go.Now I am 43.. I encountered plateau for last 2 yrs..inches and wt just dont barge.!! gain yes..loose slow.!!..I just managed to maintain an over weight by 30lbs ( its terribily hard). Then I read about low carbin (told meself this makes sense...) Too bad i didnt really discover about low carbin until 3 days ago. I set me mind to go fa it. Heck, the first day wasnt easy...and of all the days me friend treated me` high tea' and being a witch she also tempted me, me favourite `cream puffs' which i havent really eaten that fa a while...that moment..OMG tempation was so great...Told meself one little biddy bite wont hurt...but I find meself gobblin the whole cream puff (oh noooooo). Okay i blooped this time..determination..determination told meself...
2nd day..low carb starts..i was steadily on low carb..until late evenin..this time not the flour thing...I found meself enjoyin a small cup of sweetened jello( thats sugar) eeekkk..!!
I was mad at meself after that.
Today is my 3rd far so good...I just had `tempe'( its this preseve soya bean curd..i am in Malaysia so its easy to find these) and one large fried egg.I tired of cheese and poultry. Both I fried ( just makes the food taste better since am not a low fatdieter anymore).

Tell me I am not alone freakin this way. Motivate me please...
(mind over matter..mine over fa me matter overule me sumtimes)

I am new to this site..would like to say hello to everyon!!
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Old Tue, May-29-01, 08:44
doreen T's Avatar
doreen T doreen T is offline
Forum Founder
Posts: 35,649
Plan: DANDR '92
Stats: 236/182/140 Female 165 cm
Progress: 56%
Location: Eastern ON, Canada
Smile hi there, welcome to our forum

This will indeed be a challenge for you, but you're not alone; lots of support and encouragement here. I read your other post, about hard to find "special" lowcarb ingredients. Most of us do as you, and just eat real, natural food, rather than the packaged processed fake lowcarb foods. Here in Canada, it's nearly impossible to find these lowcarb versions of high-carb things like bread, noodles, pancakes and biscuits .... and we too must order from the USA via the internet... . Oh well, I have been lowcarbing for over a year, and I am not at all tired of eating real meat, fish, poultry, eggs, tofu, cheese and all kind of vegetables ... and a little bit of lowcarb fruits now and then. I do miss chips and fried things with crispy batter on them though.

I love to cook and try new foods, new tastes etc .... The bookshelf in my kitchen is crammed full of cookbooks, mostly East Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern and Mediterrannean ... even everyday cooking is not plain ... if I have a simple ground meat patty, you can bet that it has lots of spices in it .. ... I have a favourite Malaysian Fish Curry, which I serve with finely chopped cauliflower instead of rice ... but one thing I notice that there is a lot of sugar added to everything!! Even the fish and seafood has a little sugar added ... of course I leave that out. And tempeh ... I love tempeh ... we can buy it in frozen blocks here ... there is one that has seaweed and sesame in it .. YUMMmmm. (It's a little bit too high in carbs for me though, as I am following VERY low carbs at the present time)

I look forward to reading more posts from you about your lowcarbing success! ..

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Old Tue, May-29-01, 12:07
need2burn's Avatar
need2burn need2burn is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 41
Plan: Own Combinations, just trying not to exceed 20g/day..Struggling tho
Stats: 174/160/125
Location: Malaysia
Default Thank you

Doreen..Tama... Thank you fa the warm welcome.
Passed and comin me 4th day low carb.
Honestly...I think am not doing it right..coz I am still confuse the low carb and low fat and low calories thing. After eatin tempeh the whole day ...and egg and fish..( no flour right? ) I did my nutrition analysis...Doreen ya absolutely correct that tempeh does contain quite a kaboodle of carbs... Then a while agao..i feel kinda lethargic..know why?? know why??...i didnt haf me coffee ( is that psycological or what?) after i had a mug full of instant coffee..and ( gee dunno if i should tell this) low fat creamer.Iperked up again..I even had half cup custard pudding ( not sweetened tho but with light evaporated milk) the only thing i took after 7 pm.. I am one confuse low carb dieter!! YELPP!!
Tempeh and Tofu as i know are soyas..i cant really take those like 3X a day is it ?..Doreen help me here!!. Whole wheat (can i haf like a piece or 2 chapatti a week..??) Instant Coffee..can i drink it with sweetener like Equal or Pal sweet? I am gonna try drink it without cream or sweetner if i hafta....I needta know if coffee actually haf effects when ya tryin low carbin (i read that it has the effects on the insulin produce by the body...and if insulin is produce..thats not good)

Anyway I am gonna try harder tommorrow..( gee tommorrow never ends. and i am takin that as an excuse). I am gonna try set me mind..on cheese..egg and poultry and green vegies.
I am gonna try get back to red meat next week..

Quiet worried on the colesterol..with too much eggs and meat. I do hafta watch that too huh?? i am scared to stand on the scale...maybe i will that in the morn. ( Told ya somebody hasta be by me and slap me all the time )
I better get to bed now...I am so upset and will sleep it off)..good nite!!
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