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Old Tue, Apr-17-07, 12:58
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Default Addicted to the elliptical! Help!

Let's see. I've been working out regularly for the past two years- and I mainly use the elliptical trainer. Started out in '05 doing 15-20 minutes just a few times a week, sporadically, then over the summer, did about an hour a day, 4-5 times a week. Besides a brief couple of months when I was too depressed to work out (or do anything besides eat), I have continued to use the elliptical about 5 times a week, over an hour each session.

Many people have been telling me that I should do something else, but I LIKE the elliptical. At this point, it is more for FUN then it is to lose weight. If I don't get to ride the elliptical, in my mind, my whole day is ruined. I like to work out long and steady. (My heart rate usually stays in the 140-160 range while I work out).

My friends think it is so strange that I can ride the elliptical for 2 hours straight, but a 30 minute jog or walk nearly kills me. Maybe that is strange...

My question is: I am sure that my body is used to the elliptical by now, after two years of regular use of the machine, but since I don't want to give it up, should I do some other type of cardio on top of that each day? I don't mind that perhaps riding the elliptical isn't as effective as it once was, because it's truly FUN for me, but I don't want to hurt my body if I can help it.
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Old Tue, Apr-17-07, 17:15
kaypeeoh kaypeeoh is offline
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There are elipticals at the gym I use but I never got much of a workout on them. However friends say they've gotten a much better workout on one compared to jogging.

Since the motion simulates running, It's wierd that running would be so difficult for you. After all this time you may have gotten complacent on the eliptical so that you aren't working hard enough to elevate your pulse.

If you like the eliptical, that's fine. It's good low-impact exercise. But you might find something else for a cardio workout: biking, swimming, whatever makes you breathe hard.
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Old Tue, Apr-17-07, 18:06
Gostrydr Gostrydr is offline
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You must get out of your comfort zone,because that is what you are in.

the elliptical is not a good choice for a piece of excercise equipment. It has to much momentum going for it and momentum is a bad word when it comes to excercise.

The fact that a jog or walk kills you, should be telling you something. Long workouts on the elliptical or Gazelle does not equate to a good healthy workout.

How about dropping the elliptical for awhile and do some HIIT on the stationary bike ...then go back to your elliptical..or do them both but on different days of the week. throw in some sprints or a nice intense jog for 15 minutes..

Mix it up! Variety is key when it comes to excercise. Yor body adapts unbelievably fast to a routine or an excercise.

Keep that body guessing and get out of that comfort zone young lady! Your body will thank you
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Old Thu, May-10-07, 12:06
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I understand where you are coming from. I am also addicted to the eliptical trainer. I do 60-70 min 5 times a day and people always tell me I shouldn't do it for so long or that I should change it up some. I agree that I am in a comfort zone...but I am exercising and I do change the program I am I will also add some interval training to it...maximizing my speed for 3-4 min then slowing down. The way I see it is....I am exercising and that is more than I was doing before (which was nothing!)....if this works for me-then why is it wrong?
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Old Thu, May-10-07, 15:26
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Its not wrong, i think you have the right idea!
As long as you do someting but dont do the same thing, the same way all the time you're fine! You must mix things up in your cardio sessions and weight training sessions. Your body does get comfy and you wont progress.
I have to admit i'm a bike junky..right now thats all I do in the cardio area..I just change the intensity/resistance/pace..
On a side note I have read you should't do cardio for longer than 60 can have negative results (like weight gain, muscle problems..others)....
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Old Thu, May-17-07, 15:38
Chabutter Chabutter is offline
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why the hell not be addicted to the elliptical? I lost 60 lbs originally on the elliptical in 2004. Elliptical ONLY..

i gained the weight back after I got rheumatism and couldnt walk. However, I have gone from 255 to 203 since september 2006 because I BOUGHT MY OWN PROFESSIONAL ELLIPTICAL.

( didnt start low carbing until recently when i got stuck around 220ish)

i live in a tiny apt, so the focus is the elliptical but i dont regret it.
ignore all those haters.. elliptical is awesome.

and its just like running. Its so much easier on the joints which is the most important thing in my situation.
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Old Wed, May-23-07, 18:29
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I love the elliptical too, as I have a bad knee and lousy balance so a treadmill is like a death march to me. I mix up the programs though so I don't get too used to one thing. Whatever works.
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