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Freedom from hunger and cravings is my real focus, too. I'm happily shocked how eating mostly meat, fish, eggs and vegetables has cured me of cravings for mountains of pasta, rice, potatoes, ice cream and cereal (my former diet, may it rest in peace). I really don't count, track or measure religiously except in my head, and when I do I count total carbs (a habit almost as old as I am), but just by virtue of my food choices and the natural appetite suppression they provide, I take in about 30-35 on a typical day. When I eat out once or twice a week, I take in more, but even if I tried I wouldn't be able to do more than 50. I think that's my favorite thing about doing low carb. If you follow it faithfully, it's hard to overeat - and it's so satisfying. The feeling of being full, or not being hungry for hours, is priceless.
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