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Originally Posted by barb712
I was thinking of my "promotion" as feeling freer to have things like fruit, peas and carrots or a glass of Merlot on occasion. I already do. It just remains to be seen how much and how often I'll be able to do it. I guess that's part of the journey.
For me the only thing that is sustainable is <20g net carbs. After going carefully up the carb ladder in 5g increments several times, I found I could not go over 35g without gaining and had to obsessively count carbs to stay under 35g, which was as frustrating as my calorie-counting days on other diets. An extra 15-20g of carbs (esp fruits) beyond Induction would trigger cravings, binges and contantly thinking about food, making it hard to maintain. YMMV, but sticking to Induction levels 90% of the time is actually easier for me. I do eat nuts most days and have an occasional glass of wine or a bit of carrot in my stew, but normally within my 20g net carbs.

It took me ~7 years of tweaking to figure this all out. This time frame would have been shortened if I listened to my own advice - keep writing down what you are eating and try one extra thing at a time. For instance, I can handle up to 10g of berry carbs or squash/pumpkin carbs, but 10g of dairy or grain carbs are scarily crave-inducing, the opposite of freedom. But I do feel free sticking to the extra foods that work for me. For me, freedom from hunger and cravings keeps me on track.
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