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Yes it can be hard being on my own with the kids, have good days and bad days. I try my best to keep them away from the processed stuff and sugary treats though they do still have them, I try and keep them as healthy as possible but its very hard but hoping when I get more energy and more motivation it will be easier to make them more homemade stuff to substitute the baddies. They are gradually making healthy choices themselves and know more about what's in their food than the average kids their age

I'm unsure on how much to restrict their carbs, specially as this will go out of the window when they are round family, parties etc. What sort of things does your son eat in the average day?

I mainly shop at Tesco but pop to Lidl every few weeks, their smoked salmon is a good price and I also stock up on cream cheese from there. I also love their full fat greek yogurt, again good price, but they are usually out of stock!

Ive made a few new recipes this week and feeling motivated...hope it lasts
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