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Default Any Fellow UKer's out there?

Hi Everyone,
Been trying to find a support forum for low carb but there doesn't seem to be lot around.

I have been doing low carb on and off for a few years and recently have been a bit more serious and started going towards a bit more ketogenic. After a few weeks I feel so much better, have a lot more motivation and energy..hope it lasts!

I do the diet for health reasons as I suffer a rare condition called reactive hypoglycaemia and the doctors here in the UK don't know much about it, I'm also pre-diabetic. I've been to see a few dieticians but they just put me on the standard diet for diabetes which I believe is all wrong. Just by cutting down on carbs I already have less hypo's and my Hba1c has come down.

I feel I'm basically intolerant to carbs hence trying the more keto diet at the moment,

I live on my own with my two children and have no support around me with this lifestyle. My parents are still eating a fairly poor diet and my dad has just been diagnosed with type 2, unfortunately they don't seem to listen to anything I tell them and are stuck in their old ways.

Ive gained a lot of ideas and advice from the internet, twitter, youtube etc, however the majority of recipes/cooking tutorials are American.
It would be lovely to have someone from the UK to share advice and ideas, where you shop etc so please if anyone is around please say hi
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