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Hey -- this is pretty good! It definitely works better than either coconut oil or coconut milk alone. It has a different flavor than cream, but it gives that softness to the coffee that cream does. I omitted the vanilla because I don't like flavored coffee.

When I first read this thread I dismissed it because I knew that I could never use up a batch before the egg becomes questionable. Then I decided that I can also use it in protein shakes. (I make them with Now brand eggwhite protein, which tastes better than whey protein and is certain not to have casein in it.) Made without the vanilla, the creamer can also go in sauces, soups, other dishes.

Thanks Margot and Patty.

ETA: I wondered if I would get a little wad of scrambled egg at the bottom of my coffee cup. I just finished my coffee and there's nothing there but the usual bit of coffee bean silt.
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