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What a detailed post Lisa! I admire you for sticking to the program and finding something that seems to be working, as I hope it will for me too.

I know the frustration of a stall as I've been there done that - back in the 1997-2001 time frame when I first did low carb. I lost 80 pounds and then hit a brick wall with still an additional 80 to got based on my *own* goal, and actually still about 100 if I were to base it now on JK's ideal weight. Yet I never lost another ounce over the next 2 1/2 years.

I did just about all the things you did - cut calories, added calories, cut fat, added fat, cut exercise, added exercise, went on fat fasts, went on all-meat, went on carb-ups, cut my eating down to only one meal plus two protein shakes a day, etc .... yet *NOTHING* could get the weight loss moving again!

But one thing I *never* did was to cut protein! The idea just never occurred to me, nor the members of ASDLC who were trying to talk me through the stall, before I drifted away from the group in frustration.

I guess the Kwasniewski diet was around then, but back in the 90s the web was a bit more of a primitive place. Do we even know when his plan was translated into English?

At any rate, I was following the Protein Power plan. MY biggest concern was to make sure I was getting *enough* protein! On PP the protein requirement you calculate is your *minimum* but you are free to eat more than that, and I did.

I do enjoy my protein. Even today I'm sitting already near my max for protein even though I'm still a little low on the fat side and fairly low on the carb side. Not too many items that are pure fat and carb without protein! But I'm sitting close enough to my numbers not to worry.

Per JK my ideal weight is 140 pounds. Per the webpage calculator above my ideal weight is 136-150, so right in the same ballpark.

I'm going with the 150 number since I feel it's more realistic for me. It's a weight I was at in my 20s for a while, wheresas I've never been 136-140 since I was 13 years old! Maybe I'll re-evaluate as I get closer (assuming I ever do - getting under 200 again is sort of like the quest for Shangri-La or El Dorado).

So based on the goal of 150 (68kg) my protein/fat/carb allowance would be:

And right now for the day I'm sitting at:

Well we just do our best. It's impossible to be perfect with the numbers every day! I just try to come close and not OD on the protein.

Now I just have to hunt for the thread containing the 'Optimal Nutrition versus Atkins Diet' article so I can read it in its entirety.
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