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Basic info, no explanations...

Go here to determine your frame (small/med/large) and get your IDEAL weight for your height/frame.

Go here to convert your IDEAL weight to kilograms (unless you're one who already uses that)

Then do this..

The recommended daily ratio between P, F and C in the ON (calculated per 1kg of IDEAL body weight) is 1: 3.5: 0.8 (10%, 82% and 8%),
and for an overweight person 1: 2.5: 0.8 (12.5%, 77% and 10%), until the body weight is stabilized in the normal range.

I'll use mine. I should weigh 60kg
60kg x 1 gram protein = 60 gram protein
60kg x 2.5 gram fat = 150 gram fat
60kg x .8 gram carbohydrate = 48 gram carbohydrate.

Just plug your kg in there...
Hope this helps...

PS. There is an English version available from the publisher.
(No, I don't have one. There are a couple of people who do.)
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