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Originally Posted by MizKitty
Lisa, thanks for compiling all this information, it is very helpful.

Thank you -- and everyone who has been kind enough to comment.

Are we saying we should aim for 2000 calories, regardless of whether we need to lose or not, it's just the ratios that differ?

You're the second person to ask that, and I'm not sure where it's coming from. Calories per se have nothing to do with this. Just follow your ratio. Some days you'll eat more calories, some days less. As long as you keep your protein and carbs to your correct level (which will no doubt mean raising carbs for some; it did for me), you should have no problem eating as much fat as you need. If you eat a little less some days, or even a little more (fat) some days, it probably won't matter. It hasn't for me.

Are you using a body fat monitoring scale to determine if your weight loss is fat or muscle? I get nervous at the thought of dropping my protein that low that i might lose muscle.

I do have a Tanika full body fat monitor that I use every morning and every night. I know the exact numbers don't mean much, but movement -- one way or the other, over time -- does. Now it's showing the reverse of losing muscle - it's showing dropping body fat. Not by much, but definitely trending in the right direction. I can also feel my lean muscle mass growing, if for no other reason that I'm practically springing up the steps to the second floor.

This is not a trivial matter, at least not for me, because I have one artificial hip and one arthritic hip. [I have no doubt I'll be a bionic woman some day ] And my step risers are huge. And I'm old. In other words, springing up those steps is not something I ever envisioned happening but it is because my calf and quad muscles are definitely growing. And I haven't had a weight training session in the three weeks.

But really, it's more than that. I feel incredibly good. In body and mind and spirit. Happy all the time, which may help explain the BP drop in the last two weeks as well. And I mean by a lot. Clearly, this is how my body wants to eat; it's thriving on this diet.

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