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MissFrance (sorry did not see your name),

I am so glad others chimed in on the food recommendations. I do not enjoy cooking, never have and probably never will. I must admit a deep and dark secret, my Mom cooks all of my food for me (I pay for it!) on Sunday afternoon and I take it home and eat it for the week. She loves when I bring her new recipes. This weekend she made me a taco casserole. It is so good. She also made green beans, cauliflower, chicken thighs and boiled eggs/bacon for breakfast. I take both breakfast and lunch to work and eat dinner at home. So I will be looking at the info others provided for more recipes Mom can fix!

Little background, I am the youngest of 6 and have always been the "baby", even at 54 years old. Hard to change a lifetime of habits.

Here's to having a great week!

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