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I haven't tried the Green Giant riced cauliflower/broccoli that I purchased yet. But, I have tried the Bird's Eye riced cauliflower. It's very good. I had it as a side dish with roast beef and it was almost like regular rice. It has a nice rice consistency and the cauliflower flavor is mild.

I made riced cauliflower myself only once, about 10 years ago. I didn't accomplish a good rice shape and it wasn't worth the clean-up effort, so I never did it again.

I found Hanover mashed cauliflower at Walmart. I like it, too. The package has half the amount of the Green Giant mashed cauliflower (2 servings vs. 4 servings) and was about 40% of the price. I live alone, so the smaller size is better for me.
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