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Default Time to get serious in preparing for the 2017 Monument Ave 10K on April 1

The weather was nice this weekend. I was able to get in my first major outdoor workout in preparation for the April 1 10K.

I did do some jogging on the treadmill in recent weeks. It is not my favorite. I find it hard to go at a consistent pace and that is not a good thing on a treadmill. I was frequently bumping against the front bar or drifting back on the belt. For cardio at the gym I like the elliptical much better. I will stick with doing the elliptical on weekdays until daylight savings time kicks in.

This past Saturday I walked and jogged for 10 miles at the local middle school track. As part of that workout I did a baseline 10K (6.2 miles). I managed to slow jog 5.2 of the 6.2 miles and I did the 10K in 79 minutes. That is 6 minutes faster than my baseline last year, and 8 minutes slower than I ran last year's 10K. So that's a good start, but I have a lot of work to do and less than 7 weeks to do it in.

I'm 15 pounds lighter than I was last year when I started jogging. I could tell. The jogging felt pretty natural. I enjoyed running the track so much better than doing it on a treadmill. The HR was fine, too. Strength and endurance to keep a good pace up for 6.2 miles is what is lacking. If I work hard, I'll get what I need out of these old legs.

This morning I was sore, but nothing like last year. I think the gym workouts the past 2 months have helped get me prepared for pounding the pavement outdoors. I walked for 7 miles today. It was a beautiful day. I also did 4 or 5 short sprints in sections where there is a nice uphill grade. I wanted to get the HR up some. I feel good tonight. Tomorrow I will be back at the gym for elliptical night.

I worked out big and I ate big this weekend. The fat and protein was high; the carbs counts were good. I find fasting during the weekdays to be pretty darn easy. I want to crack into the 190's before next weekends workout. So I'll start another fast tomorrow and try and stick with it until Friday. I want to stay in weight loss mode for the rest of February. In March I want to eat what I need to eat to stay at or just below the weight I achieve on March 1st.

I'm glad I decided to do the 10K again. I'm finding it very helpful in getting me motivated to make some progress.
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