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I have not jogged since last spring. Walking - YES. Jogging - NO. But I just registered for next year's Richmond Monument Avenue 10K. Kel will be joining me again. We have 3 months to get back into running shape. The race is on April 1st.

I signed us up for the 66 to 70 minute wave. I ran it in just over 70 minutes last year, so if I can cut 5 minutes off my time I'll be happy. I weighed 210 pounds when I ran it last year. I will work to be below 190 pounds this year. I hit the gym tonight and I really worked up a sweat. I like having goals. This race should be the motivation I need to stop floundering in the 200s. I want to get back to Onderland.

I probably won't be logging all of the details of my pre-race preparation like I did last year. I'll post a few updates on my progress and then record the results. Jogging is not my favorite thing, but I like completion. I want to beat my time from last year.
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