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My own IF food window begins between noon and 2pm, and this works much better for me than "front loading." If I eat breakfast, I tend to be hungry all day, even if it is a bacon and eggs beginning.

If I go to bed too hungry, I have trouble falling and staying asleep.

However, it is also true that I addressed my cortisol resistance with what Dr. Jack Kruse calls a Big A$$ Breakfast, and it did help my endocrine issues and my sleep. Now, though, I must be more healed up, because I am back to what I consider a lifelong "normal" pattern of not being hungry until much later in the day.

The tradition of the big breakfast was sacred on the farm of my childhood, but then people were going out at the crack of dawn for a full day of manual labor. It is very different when we are facing a long commute at the crack of dawn, and a full day of sitting at a desk.
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