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I haven't stopped drinking my diet cola - but I have cut down. I no longer drink it between meals & only have one can with my lunch. And sometimes I skip it. Most "studies" about diet drinks seem to be about people drinking them all day long. I wonder if having no more than 1 a day & having it with a meal makes a difference.

And my diet cola has aspartame. Pepsi made a big mistake when they switched to another sweetener - it tastes bad. I don't worry about aspartame because Dr. B didn't (& as far as I know still has no problem with it). In his book he wrote:

"Many Web sites falsely perpetuate the myth that aspartame is toxic because its metabolism produces the poison methanol. In reality, one 12-ounce can of an aspartame-sweetened soft drink generates only as much methanol as does a glass of milk."

And of course I wouldn't touch milk!
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