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Like Zei I had a very similar response to eating calorie light foods as a way of dieting. My body would just never stop eating, almost as though the pathway to shut off feeling full with bulk was just not functioning. I could literally eat carrot sticks all day. (ok some days I did).

I always wonder about the effects that sweeteners have on the body. We talk loads about fizzy pop and how that affects people, but diluting juice which is far more common, has basically the same concentrations but is not classed in the same category as diet coke.

Like wise, with gum, is that a problem is it not. Does it make you go out and eat more or less, or does it have no effect what-so-ever.

I like the idea of a self-regulating human but I don't think that is the norm for the overweight of us. If it was, we would not be overweight!

I still drink a lot of sweeteners, from my squash, and thankfully it does nothing to my blood sugars. But I have never been a water drinker, so for me I will continue to ingest the chemicals, on the knowledge that they are better for me than being 4 stone heavier.
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