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Default Canadian doctors demand changes to Dietary Guidelines.

Story with details how this amazing letter came about and links to FB pages that have the 13 "Points of Change" and all signatures, background data. It is not on a website yet, has many pages and 200 signatures, but the FoodMed story has link to the FB where all is posted.

The letter includes a Points for Change “manifesto” that draws from the work of the US Nutrition Coalition and the UK Public Health Collaboration. Among these are that the guidelines should:

Eliminate caps on saturated fats;

Stop advising people to replace saturated fats with polyunsaturated vegetable oils to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Favour “real” food, that is, whole, unprocessed foods that include full-fat dairy and regular red meat;

Recognise controversy on salt and avoid a blanket “lower is better” recommendation;

Not emphasise aerobic exercise as a weight-loss tool. In other words, language should not suggest that people can manage their weight sustainably just by creating a caloric deficit;

Involve a complete, comprehensive review of the most rigorous data available, and Offer “a true range of diets” that responds to the population’s diverse needs;

The 13 points of change manifesto is:

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